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Hey gents, spent all day reading everyones posts, thanks for all the info.

Here's my particular situation:

I have Herpes Simplex 2, and have for about fifteen years. It usually flares up after periods of high stress or a significant lack of sleep, like when I pull an all-nighter for work. (As far as I know, it is the only STD I have, but I haven't been checked for awhile, so that is now on my to-do list.)

I pulled an all-nighter last Thursday (eight days ago) and a couple of days later, predictably, I had a Herpes breakout on my testicles. No big surprise.

But last night I went out with my girlfriend and, as the night progressed, felt more uncomfortable in my sack area. I got home, and discovered that my entire sack and the underside of the penis were bright red and inflamed, very sensitive and it hurt. Not an itching, but a burning.

To add to that, my underwear was wet. The "rash" -- or whatever we want to call it, was secreting some sort of fluid.

I took a bath -- which stung at first in the inflamed area, then dried the area, went to bed, hoping it was just a reaction to who knows what.

When I awoke this morning, the redness had abated a little...but I was still concerned, so I got online and read this all three parts of this thread. Here's some similarities I've noticed from things some of you have mentioned:

I was highly stressed in multiple life areas before this happened.

I have been doing a lot of sitting lately for work.

I have been itching on my forearms lately (and also my sides.)

I am fair skinned and of English decent.

I received and provided unprotected oral sex about ten days ago with my girlfriend, who as far as I know, is disease free.

I have many allergies, cats, dander, dust mites.

Okay: so while I'm sure all those different pieces of the puzzle don't help any of us narrow anything down, because in my case it sounds like it could be viral, fungal, or neurological...

the big question I have for everybody is how quickly did your symptoms appear -- Mine was literally within a few hours -- and did you experience the wet underwear kind of discharge that I did?

I had a horrible case of jock itch on my inner thighs when I was in college, and this feels and look a lot like that advanced case...except that it appeared out of nowhere, whereas the jock itch was a case of just not being hygenic that got worse over time and itched a lot. Again, my sack doesn't itch (other than the specific area where the herpes blisters are) my sack is burning and is red and is secreting....something.

Any thoughts?

Sorry for the long post, and again, thanks for everyone's input into this really strange phenomenon.

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