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I have been concerned about my 6 year old sons foreskin for quite a while now; it seems to be extremely tight and does not even partially retract when I try to gently pull it back.

I had spoken with my Dr. a few times in the past regarding my concerns; when my son was 4 and 5 years old. I was always told that it takes time and eventually it will stretch and retract.

He is now over 6 years old and still no luck. He's even had one infection that needed to be treated with antibiotic cream...luckily it cleared up quickly.

The other boys we know, even some who are much younger, are able to retract their foreskin easily to clean underneath. When I try to help my son pull his back, the hole in the end is very small, the skin is tight, and you can not see the glans at all. I noticed that when he urinates, his foreskin "blows up" like a balloon and then the urine comes out in a thin stream.

My Dr. recently referred us to see a Urologist, but we are still waiting for an appointment. I fear that they will recommend that I have him circumcised, but I fear even more that they will try some different procedures first, which will traumatize my son, to say the least. In my mind, it's all or nothing; either leave the foreskin or remove it completely. I have heard from many people, including my Dr., that they will try different incisions to loosen the skin etc. but I DO NOT want the any additional trauma for my boy.

Any advice that anybody can offer regarding the foreskin problem (does it take longer sometimes?), the circumcision procedure for older children, or how to help your child cope with this experience, would be much appreciated.
have you taught your son how to strech the foreskin?
this is something he can do and over a long period of time should help releave any problems.
I am cut so don't have the problem but know many guy's that learned to slowly strech the foreskin so teh glan shows especially when urinating, this is a touchy area, you don't want him to sull on his penis in public but he should be trying to retract teh foreskin a little every day
I've tried to explain to him how to stretch and retract his foreskin, but being a woman (and one who is not familiar at all with uncircumcised penises) it's been trying at best.

Any time I try to help him stretch it (gently of course) he says that it stings, so I get scared and stop trying. Also, he's starting to act strangely about me touching it at all...I guess he's just getting older and it may be embarassing for him.

I will take your advice and see if I can get him to try stretching his foreskin.


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