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I found these forums looking for information for my partner. At this point, I have read most of the three threads on this topic, and have shown much of it to him (he's too embarrassed to post himself). It seems that his problem is similar to many of yours, but I'm not so sure this is of any comfort to him considering how long some of you have been living with this. For him it began about three weeks ago.

I'm going to list the way his has behaved and any other useful/useless info to see if anyone has any more thoughts.

1. He first had a small red "line" on his upper thigh - near the groin crease (about 3 weeks ago). Thought it was a irritation from gym (clothing rubbing, but only wears loose cotton boxers, usually white).

2. As that cleared, the scrotum became red. Doesn't itch, but can burn. Thought it might be jock itch, but anti-fungals burned like hell and caused the redness to deepen and the discomfort to intensify.

3. The rim of the penis head is also irritated. Red and burns, but no blisters, sores, etc. It is also a tiny bit at the opening.

4. We're both divorced from 20+ year marriages (him 7 years ago, me 8) and have been in a monogomous relationship for almost that long, so we're not really concerned this could be an STD. Although my ex had a few genital herpes breakouts through the years, I've never had outbreaks. I had gotten nervous at one point & had blood tests performed which only showed that I antibodies to types 1 & 2. I was told that I could have had cold sores as a kid and not remember (even though it was types 1 & 2).

5. He has been taking Augmentin since this began because he was concerned that it could be bacterial, but there's no change.

6. Applying Elocon gives temporary relief, to the point that it seems to disappear, but when he stops, it flares up again.

7. Sex explodes the symptoms! Whether it's friction, or maybe my ph levels, both oral and intercourse set it back so much he's afraid to touch me, and vice-versa (I have no irritation whatsoever).

8. I have searched and search online, and looked at more infections than I've ever wanted to see. Nothing really looks similar, and no course of any infection seems to parallel this -- certainly no STD, and not even yeast. Most especially the way it can appear to be gone for a day or so, and then flare up as bad as ever.

9. Definitely doesn't follow the previous poster's "diagnosis" or symptoms -- no itching, no flaking off of skin, etc. That poster's description doesn't seem to match very many posts on these three threads anyway.

10. He does occasionally take Viagra (I remember reading a post -- not sure which of the three threads it was in -- that mentioned a possible link to nitric oxide, which Viagra does increase). Although he's taken it for about the past 6 months, he did recently increase the dose. He's taken both brand and a generic, but has not taken it since this began.

11. Before finding this forum, his gut feeling was excema, allergy or autoimmune.

12. And yes, even though he wasn't uncomfortable to ask his Dr. for Viagra, he is too embarrassed (so far anyway) to see him for this.

I just don't get the ebb/flow of this thing. I'm also obviously concerned at how sex caused it to flare up so badly. Gave me an awful feeling of what if this is an allergic reaction to my ph levels (just like you can eat peanuts for years, and then one day wake up and be allergic).

Thanks for any thoughts.

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