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Hi all,

This is quite a long message, but as someone who has successfully BEATEN phimosis, I thought those who are worried about how it might go may benefit from my experiences. I've gone from a position of not being able to retract my foresking even 1mm, to being able to fully retract and use.

It took a while (I started in late March this year), and patience is needed, and I had a couple of setbacks on the way, but then again it's something worth the wait.

First step was to get some proper advice. I actually paid via [DELETED] for a programme to help. It gave more tips than I've found elsewhere. The key tips I have learned are the following:

[*]Start off by having a warm bath before any stretching
[*]Don't pull too far back - it should stretch but not hurt
[*]Take pictures as you go along so you can see how you've progressed
[*]Don't freak out about paraphimosis but be aware of it (I never had a problem)
[*]Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise after every retraction 'session'

[B]Weeks 1-2[/B]

Progress v slow, not really seeing much improvement although skin started to feel softer and more flexible. Maybe a couple of mm more than at the start.

[B]Weeks 3-4[/B]

Starting to see some improvement, able to see much of the head, just gradually seeing a couple more mm every few days. Still not pulled back when erect, just concentrating on doing it when flaccid. Sometimes it gets a bit sore so I make sure I use cream after every bath (I used a water based cream)

[B]Week 5[/B]

Now really starting to see a difference, can pull almost all the way back although slightly worried it might get stuck behind the head. Found out that if you squeeze the head it pushes the blood back into the penis so I can roll the partially retracted foreskin back over the head.

[B]Week 6 - cracked it![/B]

Managed to pull the foreskin back all the way, very worried about getting it stuck (desparately avoided getting an erection!). It looks a bit stange at first (it's a part of me I've never seen before). Pleased, but I've still got a way to go yet. Managed to pull the foresking back over the glans ok. Frenulum looks short so that obviously needs stretching too.

[B]Week 7[/B]

Pulls back very easily now when soft, but can't do the same when erect. Trying to stretch further and found a good way to do it. I use two chopsticks with cream on them and slide down the gap between foresking and the head, then just pull apart without it hurting. Really works!

When I pull back then get erect something is v sore, I think it's the frenulum stretching, so when flaccid I started pulling the foresking foreward and the pain started to subside

[B]Weeks 8-9[/B]

Really good progress now, the frenulum pain is almost gone, I can pull back when erect but it takes a bit of pulling, the gap is wide enough now to pull back fully over the head (which is now looking less 'strangled' and purple than earlier).

Had sex for the first time properly since I started and it was a bit sore, felt a bit strange.

[B]Weeks 10-now[/B]

Just about done now, sex is much less painful, in fact pain has now gone completely.

I'll keep on with the stretching so I can pull back when erect without forcing it - which I still find I have to do. The frenulum is all stretched and working fine.

So I hope this is of some help to those worried about what it's all about. It's not an overnight fix, the skin has been there all along and it's not like stretching a jumper, it needs patience and dedication but the rewards are worth it.

If anyone needs any further help, happy to answer.

Good luck everyone!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):)

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