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i haven't been here in a while and i never posted but i was an avid reader every day hoping to find the cure for this. i think the big problem is that everyones symptoms although very similar arrive from something different. i knew it was a std my fiance is pregnant and they checked her for everything. so i went in to the local clinic thinking jock itch. looked and felt like it, but i had the bumps on my inner thighs too. he said staph infection from shaving the berries. so gave me antibiotics. they seemed to clear the red bumps on my legs up but my junk still itched!!! so then i thought maybe it was the hair growing back on my balls causing it. so i figured antibiotics cleared it up so i can shave again. so i did well it didn't help. still itched the same. now it was red and itchy everywhere. so i went back in to a different doctor at same clinic he did a skin test for fungal and it came back negative so he said he had no idea. great so then i turned to this website and too be honest i got even more scared after reading about peoples battles for years and years. it itched so bad i wanted to cut it off but i didn't want to waste more money on a doctor if it was something u guys have already went and tried to get treated from numerous docs. i was afraid i had the mystery jock problem. i tried everythign hydrocortisone, neosporin, every gold bond powder, gold bond ointment, dermarest ointment, zeasorb powder, tea tree oil concoction, everything. only thing that kept me sane was hydrocortisone and medicated gold bond, but putting it on every half hour was difficult with work but that what it felt like i needed unless it was numb it itched. Finally i went to dermatologist. first look he said YEAST. prescribed me Nystatin creme to use three times a day. then he scraped skin off my legs that were horribley red and rashed. right next to my scrotum, and did a skin culture on it. two days later they called and said it came back positive for yeast so the prescription was correct. i asked if i could use powder in between uses but they said no it would take away affect of creme. The reason i asked was because the creme made it almost seem worse for at least an hour after applied. so basically the first 3 to 4 days were HELL!!!! only thing i could use to help itch was Cortisone 10 intensive healing formula about an hour and half after i applied the nystatin. after those first 4 days it just kept getting better and better. i went back after a week and he gave me a refill prescription and i only used that for another 5 days twice a day and very sparingly. now i used Zeasorb AF powder every morning and night to make sure i stay dry and it has miconazole nitrate in it to fight yeast. the Derm recommended that. I didn't want to jinx myself but its been two months now and i still feel great. Especially to have my life back!!!!! so anyways not sure if this helps at all but i know its always good to have someone who actually has luck right back instead of just forget all those who are still suffering.
Well, I've spent the better part of my Christmas, reading over post after post, about this horrendous affliction. Oh, yea', Merry Christmas :-(

One thing I think I should mention, just for starters;
I see where a BUNCH of posters have mentioned that they DO believe they contracted CRBS through sexual activity.... then some feel that even though they have had, or are having regular intercourse, that this is NOT sexually spread.
Well, I'm here to tell you, I have not had ANY sexual intercourse for a VERY long time, and yet my symptoms seem to be strikingly close to many of the posters here, most especially those that have been dealing with this for a VERY long time :-(

Another aspect of my health is that, I do tend to be VERY suceptable to fungal type infections.
1) I got a red patch right in the center of my lower back, about 6 months ago, which I treated with Lamisil, and Gold Bond powder, and that went away in about a week.
2) I have had at least 4 small outbreaks of the typical Jock Itch... ring shaped, darker around the edges, in the crease of my thigh, right beside my scrotum, in the last couple years.... the most recent of which, was about 5 weeks ago, and this was also easily treated with Lamisil, and Gold Bond powder.
3) I've had chronic athletes foot just about my entire adult life.

SO, when I got a small red patch on my scrotum, I assumed it was just the typical Jock Itch. It wasn't until later that I learned that "typical" Jock Itch, does not usually affect the scrotum, but usually right beside it, where I have had it before.

Well, I tried Lamisil, Gold Bond..... Then went to a Dr. who prescribed Lotrimin + a topical steroid..... Probably a poor move, as like many of you have described, it made the skin of my scrotum very thin, to the point where it looks like it could just tear completely open at any time. Kind of scary really. Will this ever thicken back to normal ?
So, I went back to the doctor and "insisted" that if they wanted to treat me for a fungus, I needed to do it orally. So, they prescribed Fluconazole.... but only 150mg, one time, then once more 3 days later (only 300mg total.... which seems very light to me, compared to doses I have read hear from others)


Anyway, to make a long story short, my regular Dr. has went on vacation, and so they are bouncing me from one Dr. to the next. I've seen 3 now, and was supposed to see another tomorrow morning..... but after everything I've read here, it seems to me that I really need to see an actual dermatoligist, of whom will not likely be able to give me any miracle cures... But at least might be able to do few tests (biopsy ?) and find out "what the bug is".....
I have another appt. with a reg DR. tomorrow before work, but I might just cancel, and see how long it will take for me to see a dermatoligist.

Geeez, I've only been suffering with this for 19 days (how many of you were so preoccupied with this when you first got it, that you actually counted days ?) and I just don't know how anybody could live with this for "years" ? I mean, I don't see how anybody could find that kind of will to go on ?


I know I'm kind of bouncing around here..... I'm typically a decent writer.... But my brain is just kind of scrambled right now.

I do just need to go over my personal symptoms;
My entire scrotal sac is bright red, and if loosely hangling, is wrinkled, but 'sparkly' as many have described... but if I pull on it a little, it gets as slick and shiny as cellophane.
But this is entirely on the wrinkly part of the scrotum..... and just a touch around the end of my penis, behind the head.
Sometimes I get prickly, stinging pains, more often, just itching, but I try not too scratch.... Or the tingly, crawly sensation that many of you describe.
Oh, and I can't forget the hot, sweaty, inflamed feeling.
Definately worse in the evenings, or when I lay down to try and sleep. Not near so bad when I first get up in the morning, and a warm shower really helps....
Thank God, because I don't get sick leave ! I have to work in pure agony, or I can't pay my rent, or, the co-payments for my medical :-(

So, on a parting word this evening, is their anything, looking back in retrospect, that you would have / should have done for your situation, in the first few weeks dealing with this ? What should I do right away, and what is probably going to be a waste of my time ?

I have to tell you guys, I'm single with no children. I'll never be able to retire. And besides that, I've been dealing with a very long list of "other", never explained health problems for 22 of my 44 years. {maybe fibromyalgia.... many of the same symptoms}

But anyway, what I'm saying is, I can see where many of you would find the strength to trudge on (although I can certainly understand how tough that must be) but I don't know where I would find that kind of drive. I mean, a month, or two, or three.....

I just don't know.......

Anyway hey, NOTHING lasts forever. 75 years from now, none of this will matter to us in the slightest :-)

Wishing you all the very best,

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