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Itchy skin: (groin, scrotum, & anus) fungus/yeast

[COLOR="Red"]Finally fixed it!!!!!![/COLOR]

I watched a couple of threads for a while on this topic and no one was getting any good results.

I had yeast in my butt crack, fungus on my toe nail, and I had itchy crotch syndrome. It itched between my anus and my boys (balls) so bad I about went nuts for a few days.

Sometimes all of a sudden it looked like I had a slice or cut. I had a scar as well.

I also tried everything under the sun and nothing worked.

I finally fixed everything! One I am a webmaster so I sit all day. I quit smoking a few years ago and gained weight. I am sure that also played a role being 20 lbs over weight.

I only signed up because I see many people had the same issue.

First with the toe nail issue, I simply used distilled vinegar. A few drops a day and 2 months later GONE! I cannot stress how long I fought with that! I used crappy over the counter CRAP and it never worked. I even asked my dermatologist for the lamasil pill and he said it was so bad for your kidney he would not prescribe it for me!

My foot was also itching and burning, one again the Distilled vinegar fixed it.

Vinegar did not fix my itchy crotch and butt crack. ( I only gave it 2 weeks though)

[B][COLOR="Red"]Vytone cream 1% ( have to see a dermatologist) DID! 100% GONE, not temporary.
It got rid of the yeast in my butt crack also. [/COLOR][/B]

I applied it in my but crack, scrotum, sides of my boys, under my boys. The spot in-between my anus and balls burned for a while.
The result, no more itchy crotch!! There were so many people and I got lucky so I wanted to share that info with everyone.

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