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Yes! It worked.

Another update- maybe make someone's new year that slight bit better.

Currentide- I will try the garlic recipe you suggested once the itch gets bad again.

So far I'm on a winner- and I say that reluctantly - because we all know how things seem to work for a while and just when you think you've beaten it...

So I'm trying 3 emollients and in a different combination. What I didnt realise before is that using too much emollient or applying it for too long is detrimental to the cause. Here's my current regime.

1. Apply Neutrogena unscented concentrated hand cream sparingly to the scrotum. Seriously just a small amount. Then add 'Bio-Oil'. Leave it on for 4 hours tops or it will start to burn for some reason. Then wash it off with soap and water. Dry thoroughly, you may need to do this twice to get all of it off because a residual amount is left on.

2. Leave your scrotum without any emollients-let the skin breathe for about 10 hours. At the start you wont be able to manage this- never mind- just apply some creamy emollient as a holding measure but then go on to the next step later.

3. Apply vaseline and then scratch. Yeah lightly though. Remove the surface layer very gently, I think this layer stops hair follicles from developing, or the developing hairs start growing inwardly and cause prickling and itch.

4. Leave for 6-7 hours or overnight. Shower in the morning and wash off with soap then go to step 2 again and repeat.

5. If the scrotum gets bad, go back to step 1.

It's working for me right now. If this stops working, I'll try garlic oil next. Good luck and wish you well for the new year.

My symptoms are red scrotum which follows the area of the hair follicles on my scrotum only and the head of my penis is also red. My scrotum is never itchy but always red and prickly. The red area has never increased or decreased just stayed the same. I got the symptoms the day after having unprotected oral sex from a girl I don't know. This happened over two years ago and the redness now is not as firey but still noticeable.

Can anyone out there who has the same symptoms let us know if they have ever passed it on to another guy via a girl they have been with. Just need to know how contageous this is.

your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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