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Hey all, I to have be living with this horrible "syndrome" I believe it all started this past October 2008 with a case of jock itch, which I still do not know how I contracted it. My girlfriend of the past 9 years has had no symptoms or health problems; she even went to her yearly gynecologist appointment with no issues (it took me almost a month to talk to her about it, I felt so ashamed, but she was so supportive which was a huge relief in itself!). I went to my regular doctor who gave me a prescription for the jock itch and it cleared it up within a few days and as per the instructions continued the medication for a full two weeks. After using the prescription I did notice that my scrotum was redder then I remembered, but thought it was probably related to using the prescription. The redness went away but almost a month to the day of seeing my general doctor for the jock itch I began feeling an extreme hotness, wetness, and pain in my scrotum. Between mid November and mid December I had been to the ER twice, my general doctors office three times, a dermatologist twice, and an urologist. Long story short nothing they prescribed me worked (anti fungal creams, anti fungal pills, hydrocortisone creams, etc) the urologist and dermatologist said they didn't see anything wrong and that it was in my head, but my general doctor and the two ER doctors both saw the redness and my discomfort. My general doc said he was stumped and couldn't figure anything out; the ER docs had an ultrasound done on my scrotum and found nothing (which I guess is a good and disappointing at the same time). The entire time I felt more and more depressed. Then I tried doing nothing and it seemed to work over the Christmas/ New Years Holiday, I figured every cream I put down there was probably making it worse or at least more inflamed. Everything seemed to be getting better, no itch, very light pink skin color as compared to the dark red that I was experiencing, and no heat.... Until a week ago when I started getting itchy and the redness came back (no wetness though). I have started the tree oil, lavender oil, oregano oil treatment two days ago and the itch has gone away but the redness goes from dark to light colored and the heat goes and comes as well. I am at my wits end and I am starting to think that it may be partially related to stress. When I lie down and wake up in the morning there seems to be no symptoms but as the day progresses the heat feeling and redness come and go. I am totally baffled and have been reading and researching almost non stop and all that I can come up with is when I am working and can not focus on it I seem to feel better, but as soon as I sit and have some free time I start to feel the heat again which in turn brings on the redness. The area that stills heats up and is red is the same exact location of the jock itch. I have read this online study from [url][/url] and it stated that Doxycycline has seemed to work. In the mean time I am going to give that herbal concoction about a week or so to see if it changes anything, otherwise I guess it is back to my general doctor and beg for a prescription of the Doxycycline. This has totally changed my life and after reading some people stating they have suffered for months or even years does not give me much hope... Sorry for the long post but I am new to this and just wanted to share my experience and hope that all of us with this came share our stories and hopefully come up with a solution.
Hey all. Just to update you all on this side. I still have the itch and only so mildly, but the redness is gone.

I spoke in an earlier thread about researching candida/yeast infection because I belive this is what is the cause affecting most of us, and now we have to find a cure. I also went to Derms, GP's had skin scrapes and a biopsy and all came back negative. I have now been following a diet closely related to what all the websites say about treating a yeast infection.

My regimen is as follows:
Have been taking Lamisil as prescribed by my GP,since Dec orally and then using Lamisil topical cream for the outside with limited success for the last 4 weeks. I alternate with the herbal treatment every other night, and use the cream in the mornings. (Lamisil is prescribed for Jock itch, and also candida/yeast infections). I also wash daily with a neutral soap called Epizone given to me by a derm. All over and in the crotch area.

I then decided to follow a candida diet closely, which in simple terms is to cut out all carbs, sugars, and most dairy products. For all of you out there this is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. It means no bread,no pastries, no hamburgers or pizza even(they of course have bread/flour)no pasta, no rice,no potatoes and the list goes on. Also certain fruits are banned as they contain sugars. No tea or coffee, only drink herbal teas. You may eat white cheese, like mozarella and certain feta. For breakfast I eat only plain natural yoghurt with probiotic cultures, and not the sweetened type or eat eggs. (lots of them,). Thats it. Lunch is usually a salad of some sort. Dinner is meat/chicken/fish grilled (no batter or sauces, they contain starch/sugars) and some steamed veges.

All the above has most definitely contributed to the symptoms calming down to such a degree, that if I do cheat (drink a coke or eat some pizza), then i feel the effect the next few days, in that the itch flares up again, and I have to start all over again. I am now strict on myself, and have my life back to such an extent, that I can sleep at night (no itch wakes me) , and i can sit for lengthy periods without too much discomfort, before the itch comes.
The benefit of all of this, is, firstly, itch almost gone, or symptoms calmed down, and also weight loss (lost 12kgs to date in the process, as I am or was overweight :)).

The normal GP's you ask about candida etc will noramlly give you a once off dose of anti-biotics, but as we all know this does not work. The alternative medicine specialists have better knowledge as they seem to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Treatment of candida is long term and not a quick fix of 2 weeks medicine. There are endless forums on this, and it will take many hourse of reading so prepare for this.

This has worked for me so far and I would sugget you all look into the candida/yeast as a possible cause, and try for yourself if this has any effect. It can only do you good health wise anyway

I am now 1 month into my diet/regimen, (it was tough over Xmas, so yeah I did cheat a little, who would not), and so far it seems to be working. I will stick with it for as long as possible and give you all feedback in a month again.

Let me know if this works out for any of you.

Good luck

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