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Hey all, I to have be living with this horrible "syndrome" I believe it all started this past October 2008 with a case of jock itch, which I still do not know how I contracted it. My girlfriend of the past 9 years has had no symptoms or health problems; she even went to her yearly gynecologist appointment with no issues (it took me almost a month to talk to her about it, I felt so ashamed, but she was so supportive which was a huge relief in itself!). I went to my regular doctor who gave me a prescription for the jock itch and it cleared it up within a few days and as per the instructions continued the medication for a full two weeks. After using the prescription I did notice that my scrotum was redder then I remembered, but thought it was probably related to using the prescription. The redness went away but almost a month to the day of seeing my general doctor for the jock itch I began feeling an extreme hotness, wetness, and pain in my scrotum. Between mid November and mid December I had been to the ER twice, my general doctors office three times, a dermatologist twice, and an urologist. Long story short nothing they prescribed me worked (anti fungal creams, anti fungal pills, hydrocortisone creams, etc) the urologist and dermatologist said they didn't see anything wrong and that it was in my head, but my general doctor and the two ER doctors both saw the redness and my discomfort. My general doc said he was stumped and couldn't figure anything out; the ER docs had an ultrasound done on my scrotum and found nothing (which I guess is a good and disappointing at the same time). The entire time I felt more and more depressed. Then I tried doing nothing and it seemed to work over the Christmas/ New Years Holiday, I figured every cream I put down there was probably making it worse or at least more inflamed. Everything seemed to be getting better, no itch, very light pink skin color as compared to the dark red that I was experiencing, and no heat.... Until a week ago when I started getting itchy and the redness came back (no wetness though). I have started the tree oil, lavender oil, oregano oil treatment two days ago and the itch has gone away but the redness goes from dark to light colored and the heat goes and comes as well. I am at my wits end and I am starting to think that it may be partially related to stress. When I lie down and wake up in the morning there seems to be no symptoms but as the day progresses the heat feeling and redness come and go. I am totally baffled and have been reading and researching almost non stop and all that I can come up with is when I am working and can not focus on it I seem to feel better, but as soon as I sit and have some free time I start to feel the heat again which in turn brings on the redness. The area that stills heats up and is red is the same exact location of the jock itch. I have read this online study from [url][/url] and it stated that Doxycycline has seemed to work. In the mean time I am going to give that herbal concoction about a week or so to see if it changes anything, otherwise I guess it is back to my general doctor and beg for a prescription of the Doxycycline. This has totally changed my life and after reading some people stating they have suffered for months or even years does not give me much hope... Sorry for the long post but I am new to this and just wanted to share my experience and hope that all of us with this came share our stories and hopefully come up with a solution.
[QUOTE=NYGUY79;3864051]VERY interested to hear how it works out for you. I downloaded the entire article and it stated the patients took 100mg of doxycycline twice a day for a month, and then lowered to once a day until everything clears up. Is this the treatment schedule you're on? How did you doctor take to the article, or did you tell him you wanted this perscription? Hope to hear some good news back from you, good luck![/QUOTE]

Hey guys, good news for a change. :)

My scrotum has been looking and feeling the best it has in months, and I haven't even noticed it for the last week. It turns out that in my case I have had a severe yeast and/or bacterial (staph) infection of the scrotum (read my other posts for symptoms), and a yeast/staph infection under my foreskin. Once they identified the staph after swabbing lesions that erupted under my foreskin, I was on two weeks of the correct antibiotics (for my infection, that was Bactrim and Clindamycin). That really helped clear up the bacterial infection. Before I was on over a month of Doxycycline, but my staph was NOT susceptible to it, as proven by the lab.

Here's what I believe happened to me that caused this nightmare. First, I picked up a nasty combo of bacteria/yeast from "safe" sexual contact, that is just vulva/scrotum contact and maybe a little saliva. Then, both me and the doctors treated it with the wrong antibiotics, topically and orally. What that did was kill off all the benign bacteria and allow the yeast/staph to really flourish. After all the wrong antibiotics, I started growing yeast all over my body. I literally was turning red and itchy all over, and was scared to get wet which made it even worse. I finally saw a great infectious disease doctor who has this same theory, and offered to give me EXTENDED fluconazole treatment. You cannot kill off a chronic deep tissue infection like this with topical treatments or one or two doses of diflucan. Think about it, if you have a bacterial infection, usually you get 2 weeks of antibiotics. But for yeast, you get one pill. Maybe that works for a superficial "normal" yeast infection, but in the case of the red skin kind of yeast infection (it's called chronic atrophic erythematous candidiasis), that stuff has already grown deep into your cells. It's disgusting, but imagine little roots growing into your skin. You don't kill that in a day or two. One more thing guys, you'll have much more luck with this problem by seeing a female doctor in my experience. They simply understand it better.

Here's what's amazing to me. Most dermatologists and others do not consider this plague to be an STD. In fact, IT IS A HORRIFIC STD that can undeniably be worse than herpes or HPV if not resolved, it's just that it doesn't happen that often, it's hard to culture the yeast, and doctors don't investigate this. Consequently, you can suffer for months or no doubt years with little or no help. I am not saying this causes everyone's issues. The other causes of the scrotum syndromes, as far as I can tell, are jock itch (normally easy to clear) and/or ringworm, staph infections, neurological issues, prostatitis, and even permanent redness from overuse of steroids. Maybe HPV and other viruses can cause this or at the very least make it worse, who knows. Also, some yeast infections that you can catch are resistant to fluconazole. There are other drugs that might help, including a new one called Vfend, but good luck getting anyone to prescribe it.

So, I hope the Doxy works for all you trying it. I read that same study and for my issues, it made me worse as described above. Note that the paper on doxycycline is specifically referring to guys who used steroids for long periods of time. I never fell for that, even though the dermatologists tried to push it. Steroid use for skin issues like this without concurrent fungicidal/antibacterial treatment will hopefully someday be viewed as being like blood-letting during the dark ages.

By the way, I have also developed a host of oral symptoms that I've mentioned in my other posts, and run into the same problem with doctors having no diagnosis. Still trying to do what I can to keep my teeth and gums from falling apart. The bottom line is this. I have chronic dry mouth, irritated mouth and gums, throat clearing, etc. as a result of nothing more than saliva exchange. There are no known diseases that cause those symptoms. But it turns out you can in fact catch aggressive bacteria that cause gum disease. Who knew? So, be careful out there. There's plenty of stuff you can catch that is unknown because the symptoms are not obvious to the doctors and because it doesn't kill you outright. But it will make your life a living hell. I know I WILL NEVER EVER go near another "high risk" female again. I have to say I feel deeply let down by the medical establishment.

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