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Re: Chronic problem
Aug 20, 2009
Red Scrotum Syndrome (RSS) cure

Hello everyone… I am new to this board, but I have been monitoring it for months as well as other similar boards on the subject. For I am a fellow sufferer of the bright red scourge.

I have been comparing and contrasting my observations of my own condition to those of you who post and I believe that I can help a lot of you by bringing together fragments to piece together the problem as to cause and solution. By the way, mine is gone now 

Initial cause:

In reading these various posts, it seems apparent that no one doctor or victim agrees as to the initial cause. Most dermatologists (mine included), had never heard of RSS. The various causes listed are:

*guilt from an affair
*bacterial infection
*viral infection
*fungal infection
*corticosteroid use

Most of these are indicated by the doctors because they have no clue what it is, what causes it or how to successfully treat it. Once in a while I saw a thread that said that the dermatologist knew it was RSS, but that there was no cure.

Obviously, some of you will be suffering from the obscure end of this list, but I believe that the cause of 98% or so of RSS is a combination of fungal and corticosteroid reaction.

Firstly, fungal infections are very common in men, but they rarely involved the scrotum. Usually, jock itch stays on the inner thigh, near the groin; that’s why the doctors rarely or never see it, but once in a while it attacks the scrotum.

In my case, my wife thoughtfully bought me a sex toy (silicon sleeve). She washed it and let it air dry…mistake. When she used it on me the next day, it was still wet and the water ran over my scrotum. The very next day all the skin on the scrotum was dead and flaking. I realized that the lack of drying of the toy essentially cultured the ambient fungal spores that are on practically everything and that concentrated culture infected what is usually not infected…my scrotum of course.

Note to anyone with these toys…I read after the fact that you’re supposed to rinse thoroughly the washed toys with rubbing alcohol so that it evaporates the water and no fungus can germinate.

So what did I do? I did what most of you probably did..I self treated. I tried Lotrimin, then Lamasil, then tinactin. Tinactin seemed to work the best, but the scrotum seemed to still be somewhat pink and wet, so I went to the dermatologist. He in 30 years had never seen this so, he did what most dermatologists do, they prescribe prescription strength anti fungal creams. I went trough 3 types of antifungal creams that were combined with corticosteroids (like cortisone). Also, an oral anti fungal pill that was guaranteed to cure any fungal issue and super strength cortisone. I had to discontinue each cream prematurely as it seemed that they were making it worse. By the end of everything, it was beet red, itched and hurt.

Well, after that I tried the old Tinactin some more with a lot of powder, both seasorb antifungal OTC powder and Johnson’s baby powder. It waxed and waned, but always pretty red.

After reading more posts re some doctor’s views that this thing is caused by corticosteroid overuse, I came to the realization that while cortisone and antifungals work great on the thicker, more keratinized skin, not so on the more sensitive and more permeable scrotum.

It is my opinion that many of us actually cure the fungal infection, but that the cure causes the scrotum to be chemically traumatized and because we think that the fungus is still there we continue the chemical attack. I have had it now for 8 months!

On a side note I was able to find a scientific study from Beirut that indicated a cure had been reached by treating the patient with oral docycycline (an antibiotic in the Tetracycline family). I also found 1 person’s post who claimed he was cured with it out here in the U.S. I think it was 30 days 1gram per day and gram for some unknown period thereafter with some cream for the vasodilatation in the scrotum. I may be looking into this to finish me up but keep reading.

So, I decided to do the unthinkable. I LEFT IT ALONE. Put nothing on it. After a couple of days, the red went to a dark pink and then a light pink with some dry skin look to it. I found a homeopathic cure on one of the threads which was a combination anti inflammatory and anti fungal mixture. I changed it a bit based upon a study of homeopathy and came up with a new formula that I am using. While I was waiting to get the ingredients, I coated the scrotum with extra virgin olive oil, which had great results. Even before the internet delivered my ingredients, my wife said the color was back to normal. I am not sure, because it has been so long since I’ve seen it normal I have forgotten its true color. But the itch was 99% gone, the pain 100% gone and it was a bit darker than the rest of the tissue, but just a bit.

I also, applied a couple of bouts of aloe vera (pure) and a seaweed and mud facial my wife had for nutrients (came from a company called Lush that originated in Canada and is out here in California, England and other countries).

So, here is what I advise:

If you have done nothing about the fungus, use tinactin cream (only) as instructed morning and evening for 2 weeks. If you have already treated the fungus (ad nauseam most likely) then see next paragraph.

Then leave it alone for 5 days and see if it self improves. If you need to put something on it do the olive oil. Then go to ‘Vitamin Shoppe’ or internet or other homeopathic shoppe and get the following in order to guard against fungus and also to treat the inflamed scrotum:

Castor oil- anti fungal and anti inflammatory
Lavender oil- anti microbial
Tea Tree Oil- antimicrobial
Oregano oil- same
Black seed oil- aka black cumin- anti inflammatory
Mixing eye dropper bottle.
A small measuring cup- like that found in children’s Tylenol as a measuring cup.

30 ml Castor oil
20 drops lavender oil
20 drops Tea Tree oil
5 drops Oregano oil
10 drops black seed oil

shake to homogeneous solution and keep refrigerated. Apply 2-3 times per day until you are satisfied that your scrotum is normal again. If it doesn’t go perfectly normal, perhaps a trip to the doctor to try the doxycycline treatment or possibly it will have a bit of an off color as it may be a bit scarred as it was a traumatized tissue. Time will tell.

Either way I can say 1 thing for sure…I am finally relieved. Good luck

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