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(As a foreword, sorry that this answer is so freaking long, but anyone who has had chronic jock itch might like to read it all.)

Yes! I know what you're going through, assuming that "jock itch" means the fungal infection that Australians call "ring worm". (It's not a worm but it is a red circular rash.) I've had this fungal infection on and off for three years or so now and I think I'm close to a permanent solution. There are basically two parts to the treatment: (1) Get rid of the immediate infection and (2) get rid of the source of the infection.

My doctor prescribed an over-the-pharmacy-counter Bayer anti-fungal treatment called Can****n (active ingredient: clotrimazole) and, provided you strictly follow the directions on the bottle (in particular, applying it for at least two weeks AFTER the infection disappears), it will get rid of the immediate infection. Can****n cream rubs off on clothes quickly; I found Can****n solution (the liquid form) much better. While you're using this anti-fungicide, boxer shorts are better than tight underpants freeballing is even better.

Probably more effective than Can****n is the natural Australian product Tea Tree Oil. Just dab a bit on the red fungal circle until the infection disappears and keep applying it for a while after it clears up. A few warnings about tea tree oil, though. Use ONLY the diluted form; I burnt my skin with strong oil and had to go back to Can****n. Also, if the infection is on your groin, close to your balls, you need to keep the oil away from those tender fellows and, I guess, away from the head of your cock if you're circumcised.

The most annoying part of this fungal infection is that it keeps on coming back. I've learnt to recognise when it's about to start again there's a very annoying itch just before the red rash appears, so I start applying Can****n or tea tree oil as soon as I think I'm in for another lot. This seems to shorten the infection time.

This brings me to the second part of the treatment. I believe that the fungus rubs off onto clothing and lives there for ages after any infection disappears from your skin. (I have no real proof of this belief but I'm convinced from experience.) The persistence of this fungus has really pissed me off!!! When I was at the pharmacy one time, I discovered that there is a form of Can****n for rinsing through clothes. When I have a jock itch infection, I use this form of Can****n to hand-rinse all clothes that come into contact with the fungus: trousers, jeans, underpants, towels, bed sheets. I machine-wash the clothes, then hand-rinse with the special Can****n rinse.

As a result, I have been free from jock itch for about a year, that is until this southern-hemisphere winter. I started to put on my winter track pants in the cooler weather, forgetting that I had first started to use the Can****n rinse AFTER last winter, so my freaking track pants had never been rinsed. I ended up with another infection two weeks ago, but it's not as bad as previously. I'm hoping that this will be the last.

Hope this helps, Dangjt. I hope, too, that products similar to those I've mentioned are available where you live. I'd be interested to find out how you go. Best wishes!

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