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A yeast infection and a fungal infection are two different things.

Fungal infections are just that, infections caused by fungus, jock itch is a common type of fungal infection. Over the counter medicines like Tinactin or Lamisil are good in eliminating fungal infections.

A yeast infection, or otherwise known as candida, is when then natural occurring yeast or candida in our intestinal track begins to overpopulate our system because of a lack of "good" or "host" bacteria in our bodies. People who have been on antibiotics for a long period of time, or have been sick and have a weekened imune system are at the highest risk for yeast infection. The most natural way to cure a yeast infection is to ingest a dietary suppliment called live culture acidophilus. After a few weeks of using this, the yeast will become under control.

If I were to guess at what you have, just by how you described it, you have a yeast infection, which may have nothing to do with recieving oral sex, it may be a coincidence that the symptoms appeared after the oral sex activity. Do you have burning along with the discharge? If so, it is more than likely candida.

Yeast infections can be pretty serious, and if left untreated, can lead to hospitalization, I would suggest going to a health food store and getting some live culture acidopholus and trying this for two weeks, if your symptoms do not get better, get to a doctor and have him take a culture to verify candida.

One thing on the acidopholus, it has to be live culture, meaning that it has to be refridgerated, many health food stores will sell you acidopholus right off the shelf, stay away from that, it is not live culture no matter what the "expert" at the store tells you, alway buy the refrigderated type. Most good health stores have a fridge section for various temp controlled products such as this one. Foods like yogurt have live culture acidophulus, just not in the concentration you need to effectively treat a yeast infection, which is in the billions of units per day.

I hope this helps, and I would not let this go to long.

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