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This has been the best thread for my issue so far.

My problem is very similar to some of the things i have read. My exception is that i have no rash, flaky skin or much of the said symptoms. I only have itching, and the redness probably associated with my constant touching of moving of my boys trying to inspect them and or make them comfortable.

I visited a hotel a week or so ago with my GF, who i had been sexually active with for at least a month and a half prior and frequently with no reaction. During our stay i noticed that i had an intense itch and i immediately assumed it was from not washing up after sex. We had sex many times a day and did not shower right afterward.

I washed up and it didn't feel much better, so i thought that i was suffering a reaction from not washing the hotel soap off my body completely. I purchased some of the soap i use frequently at home and things got better, i was able to ride home on the plane without any itching.

When we landed me and my GF had sex again and the itching started again, but slightly more intense. I normally use gold bond on a daily basis before the itch and i noticed that i helped, but not completely eliminating my issue.

I started to investigate. I took note that a few weeks prior my GF claimed to have been irritated by a lubrication we used. The lubrication is a very good brand and is allergy tested, so i was curious if that was truly the cause. We had tried anal sex and in the course we also had vaginal sex. I remembered thinking that might have been the cause of some irritation and the transfer of some germs or bacteria to her vaginal area.

My girlfriend also douches, which is something that is known to increase the number of bad bacteria in the vagina due to out of wack PH levels and thus is no longer recommended by gynecologist

I would not call this an STD but maybe an STI? My GF and i are very careful about STD's and i have been tested recently for HIV (negative). I think that for various reasons the levels of bad bacteria in her body could have been elevated. We had sex and those bad bacteria landed on my crotch, a warm damp area. Over a period of time they started to cause me problems, even though my girl had no symptoms at that exact time....but possibly a few weeks earlier.

After a few days of agony, i came across this thread and others. One doctor did recommend using alcohol to remove any type of irritants or bacteria soap cannot do alone. This has worked best for me with a combo of other things.

I wash with antibacterial soap and let dry.

I then wipe down my area with 70% alcohol.

I wipe down again with warm water and dry.

I apply lamisil deodorant and anti fungal powder in the can, i too thought i had jock itch, but the powder works good and eliminates the possibility of fungus.

I then apply a bit of goldbond powder as well.

After this type of treatment i was able to go a great deal of my day virtually itch free. When i got home i did the process again...i am hoping to wake up just fine in the morning.

To give some credit to the nerve theory, i have issues with my sciatic nerve on my right side. I was about to take Roids to get rid of the inflammation but decided not to for a bit. From what i hear, it would have made things worse for me

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