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Hi nellweems. You may not be satisfied by my answer either. As you know, we aren't doctors here, so any advice is based on personal experience and an understanding of what you have said in your original post. I guess I have to speak for myself here: my posts are based on personal experience, not science.

I've had jock itch on and off for a couple of years. Some of the symptoms you describe are not what I have experienced. Specifically, I have not had a "brownish patch"; I have never seen "a pattern of small red pimples" on my jock itch; I have never had wetness or a foul smell after applying clotrimazole cream.

One thing you should NEVER do with jock itch is scratch the affected area. Irritating the area by scratching will only make things worse (and that may be the reason for the "pattern of small red pimples"). You might like to consider what happens to the material under your fingernails after you've scratched.

I'm sorry if I'm sounding like someone's Mom here but, honestly, I'm only trying to help.

I have written extensively in another post on jock itch. You will find it in the Male Anatomy board under the topic "Chronic Jock Itch" with the last posting date of 23 July 2003. Please read that thread.

This sort of rash can piss anyone off. :mad: I hope you find a solution to your problem. I know you will. :)

If I were you, I'd go to a doctor because, as I said above, some of your symptoms do not match mine. Is there any reason you can't go to a doctor?
If you truly have jock itch, there are a lot of creams that are supposed to work. I have a whole drawer of least a dozen different kinds. None of them helped me. I also went to two different doctors over a 6 month period. Neither thought I had jock itch but presribed stuff for me anyway. They had no idea what I had. Then one day I read something on the internet about bacteria causing itching. Here's what I do now:
- I use an anti-bacterial soap in the shower. I actually use an anti-bacterial liquid hand soap. I do all my regular showering but the last area to be washed is all my private parts. Many shampoos and other soaps will grow bacteria so these need to be thoroughly rinsed off before anti-bac soap is used.
- After showering, I make sure that my private parts are thoroughly dry before dressing. I use a hair dryer assist on many days.
This procedure has virtually eliminated my problem after suffering with it for a couple years. I still occasionally have problems during the summer but am itch free the rest of the year. Again, if you truly have jock itch, a doctor should be able to recognize and treat it. If you don't have jock itch, the itching might be caused by bacteria.

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