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I think there is help out there! Key word "think". My story is very similar to so many on the web. I began haveing a painful, burning red scrotum around the beginning of October 2009. First thought = jock itch. Didn't respond to any spray or powder. Then yeast infection. Nope. Two oral meds, probiotics, garlic, you name it. Nope. Went to GP and he said "I have no idea". On to urologist. Same. On to a dermatologist. "Scrotodynia" and prescribed a stronger hydrocortisone than what I had had. No help. Scrotodynia just means "painful scrotum", Duh! Life was pretty rough as a new dad, husband, and manager of a successful business with a constant burning sensation in my bright red sack. The pain waxed and waned, but was always there. Out of desperation, I went to a second dermatologist that I had seen several years back but wasn't overly impressed with. Now I am impressed! He took a look and immediately told me I have neurodermatitis. I got a shot of "kenalog", an oral "amitriptilyne" each night before bedtime, and a steroid ointment "betamethasone dipropionate" twice daily. Without me saying anything about all I had read on the web, he said, "there's even a slang term for it = "Red Bag Syndrome". When I said there are people on the web claiming to have suffered with this for years he kind of laughed and said, "that may be so, but they aren't treating it correctly."

After reading about neurodermatitis, the diagnosis makes sense. My wife had a UTI inserted and we had to abstain from sex for several weeks due to the bleeding. That was her wish and, of course, I honored it. So I masturbated much more frequently, even leaving 2-3 red places on my penis. Which I tried to treat with neosporin (I read many people can have allergic reactions to the neo) and tea tree oil on my penis (Bad Idea!). I guess all the ointments, sparays, powders, etc. I used thinking I had a yeast infection or allergic reaction could have worsened/ prolonged the dermatitis. I could even have had contact/allergic/and/or neurodermatitis all rolled together!?!?

The initial visit to dermatologist #2 was about three and a half weeks ago. I have had my two week follow up where I reported MUCH relief, but "not out of the woods yet". I mean there were nights I could not sleep, days at work I just shut my door, and much complaining to a wife that didn't fully understand what was going on (nor did I!), couldn't really enjoy anything for hurting or worrying about hurting. Then reading on the web that "there is no known cure" did not help either! Life was BAD for a couple of months. He reassured me that he has treated this before and there is an end in sight. He gave me refills of the meds and I am to see him again late January 2010. The bad news is I WANT THIS GONE!!! One other note is that even when the scrotum is relieved, I seem to feel "gaulded" around my butt. Not sure what to do there, but will report it on my next visit. I didn't press him when he said "be patient", but I would like to know how long I can expect this uncomfortable situation and daily routine?? If anyone out there in internet land has ANY insight, I would really appreciate your sharing! Thank You
[QUOTE=TopGeek;4202671]My opinion - for what it's worth - and we are all only expressing our opinions here, this condition is more likely to be a yeast or fungal condition than anything else. That said, such conditions often disappear spontaneously, which makes it difficult to know if it was something you did that cured it.
The reason the scrotum is susceptible to yeast/fungal infections is that it is an ideal breeding ground for them - a wrinkly surface that is kept at a relatively stable temperature; a relatively stable humidity and a tendency to close up if the temperature drops, so protecting the germs.
Most men who have this also have or have had athletes foot and the spores or this are easily transferred to the scrotum when drying off after a shower. Athletes foot itches so much that you treat it or protect against it routinely. However, the scrotum is more difficult to treat for the reasons stated above. What's more, the creams and powders used for athlete's foot are often not effective on the scrotum unless they are applied several times every day - not very practical for most men.
That's why I recommend attacking the problem from the inside.
One of the most effective treatments for systemic fungal/yeast infections is Diflucan (fluconazole). This comes in tablets or capsules of different strengths and doses, according to the individual case and it is usually only available on prescription.
It is very effective at getting rid of persistent fungal or yeast infections that are rooted on the surface of the skin or that have taken up residence inside the body.
At least it is quick and easy to try, although rather expensive if not covered by health insurance.[/QUOTE]

I would respectfully disagree that this condition is fungal or any other kind of infection. My reasons are:

1) The skin on the scrotum (contrary to what you state above, and what may be intuitive) is actually NOT very susceptible to fungal infections. As a matter of fact, all the M.D.s and research on Jock Itch fungus indicates that the scrotum is usually spared in cases of Jock Itch. When the scrotum is not spared, it is usually in individuals that have compromised immune systems due to other health problems. The Jock Itch starts in the usual places between the upper thigh and groin, and then gets so severe that it can in those cases eventually affect the scrotum. But we are generally talking about cases of "RSS", where it is JUST the scrotum that is affected. Seems unlikely to be fungal.

2) There are a LOT of good reasons to not go barreling in with a high powered systemic treatment like oral antibiotics. Seems like if you go to the doctor and tell them what you want or what the solution is (rather than giving them the symptoms and letting the MD tell YOU what the diagnosis is), then they will just give you the drug you want just to get rid of you and then they can at least rule that out as a solution when you come back and are still complaining. Bad side effects and the possibility of creating an even BIGGER problem is why I do NOT recommend treating this from the inside.

Having said all of that, even though the postings here may describe similar descriptions of the symptoms, there may be several different causes. But for my situation, as well as those of the generally healthy male that I have seen described here, it just seems that the palliative treatment of daily moisturizing and delicate cleansing is the way to go. It also seems that pursuing this as if it were a fungus or some other infection serves only to prolong the agony and make matters even worse.

This also seems to be the consensus among the medical community. Amongst the posters that have gone to an MD, it seems like the MD is unlikely to diagnose this as an infection, and almost always says "eczema" or "dermatitis."

Trouble is, that may not be what the patient wanted to hear. In so many of the cases when the doc agrees to prescribe something, it is not because the doc has done that on his or her own, but because the patient decided what it was before even going to the doc (because of something they read on the Internet?), and the patient is steering the doc in that direction.

Doctors are not bad for just giving you what you ask for. In some ways it is good, because it allows them to at least rule 1 thing out when it does not work. But the real reason is because docs do not have the time or the inclination to argue with their patients all day. If you are convinced you need a script, unless there is a great risk in doing so, the doc will likely not argue with you and just give it to you, even if he thinks it is something else.

When the doc says "eczema" or "dermatitis", the patient feels dissed. "Moisturize daily and otherwise leave it alone for a few months" may not be what the patient had in mind for a "quick fix."
:dizzy: i've been following this thread to see what i can do that others have. So far, i have used baby powder to try and stay dry, changed laundry detergent, started using Cetaphil shower cleanser, and Cetaphil lotion.


See, the Cetaphil lotion keeps the area too moist. So, it only promoted jock itch. I played sports all through my youth and never had jock itch. This is horrendous. I finally broke down and, much to my chagrin, went to my primary care physician first.

I really didn't want to. I believe everyone here that these morons don't know much about this. But i had given myself a terrible case of jock itch and needed prescribed relief - something stronger than OTC meds. I was now having a severe break out of a rash in my groin, arm pits, and neck now. Forget the itchy red scrotum - my whole body was F'd up. So dr gives me a prescription of diflucan(sp) which is for vaginal yeast infection. Strange i thought, but willing to try. Afterall, i pay to have benefits available to me, why not use them. He also prescribed a small tube (30g) of Ketoconazole 2% cream. When i got the tube, i thought, "my business itches so bad, that tube will be gone by tomorrow." and it was. But what came between then and now, was far worse. I put too much of the cream on my rash (doc never explained the problems too much can cause). My rash spread, my jock itch was angry red and itchy :blob_fire and i couldn't stand still. I scratched so much in my sleep, it woke my wife up 5 times, and she finally went to the couch after yelling at me to stop. Again, the beauty of health benefits granted me an appointment the next day at the dermatologist. (**note: the key word to use when scheduling these appointments, is "SUFFERING" - "hi, I'm SUFFERING and need immediate relief -can you see me today so i can stop SUFFERING") They are more apt to listen and schedule quickly for you - versus - waiting 1 month to see the already-booked-beyond-belief dermatologist). Oh yeah - he also suggested taking a Claritin to help the itch, and a benedryl to help sleep through the itch. Neither helped. In fact, the night before the derma appointment, i slept with fleece gloves to protect me from myself :mad:.

So, i think i may have gotten some relief now. Derma Dr takes one look at me, and starts writing a prescription before i can give him the complete history. I leave having applied his samples of ALCORTIN A, and demanding a cortizone shot then and there, to relieve the itching. So while this will be 8-10 days before i have a complete diagnosis, i feel optimistic that i am on the right path.

My only advice to fellow sufferers - DO NOT APPLY ANY LOTION. it only promotes jock itch. One thing i have been doing differently though, is blow drying my arm pits and crotch to insure they are not wet. I also changed from Tide to "All for Sensitive Skin, Dermatologist Tested". Those results will take a few loads before i notice any change, but any change has to help.
i'll follow up and let you all know. If you're suffering i wish you all the best. I hope my experience helps you decide what and what not to do. But, of course, we are all different so who knows until they try.round:

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