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Hey Callum,

Donít panic! I know you are scared right now. You have a problem that very few people understand and at your age, you are probably embarrassed to talk about it. I grew up with a problem in the same area and I was terrified to talk to anyone. As you learned the hard way, the frenulum has a ton of nerves and has a very good blood supply. Because of that, it hurts really bad after being injured and it will bleed for a long time. From what you are describing, it sounds like it healed up improperly after it was torn. When you are soft, can you pull the bottom of your foreskin all the way back? Or can you only pull back the top? If it is tighter than it was before, you probably have a skin tag that needs to either be cut or removed. You should not have to be circumcised. The doctor may recommend it but you do not have to do it!

I agree with Jay60 that you should talk to your parents and you should see a doctor. You have four years to go before you can see a doctor on your own. If you do not get this treated, you need to make sure you keep everything clean. There could be a pocket of skin behind your frenulum that is collecting bacteria. You do not want to get bad bacteria in there that cannot be washed out. If that happens you may either get a skin infection or a urinary tract infection. In either case, you would have to see a doctor at that point to get antibiotics.

Let me know if you have more questions. Due to my issues, I have learned a great deal about this stuff.

Feel Better

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