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I would just suggest trying the following before doing anything drastic or agreeing to any surgery.

The skin on your penis and your groin area in general can be very easily irritated by shower gels, soaps, and particularly by laundry detergents and fabric softeners if you are sensitive to them or you have not rinsed them properly.

Try switching to some hypoallergenic products and stop using fabric softener or dryer sheets with your underwear.

When showering, do not use soap or shower gel on your penis. It's generally more than enough to just use water.

Use 100% cotton underwear, preferably boxers, and change regularly, particularly if it's hot weather or after sport.

To loosen your phimosis, just gently stretch it over a few months. It should loosen up with a bit of effort and persistence!

If it gets stuck behind the head, as long as it's not so tight that it's cutting off the circulation you will be ok. If you can pull your foreskin back when soft, then this seems quite unlikely to be the case. Just wait until you are soft and maneuver it back into its usual position!

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