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Wow that's interesting. Well I haven't ruled out the possibility of it being psychological, but I'm starting to doubt it is, after my last sexual experience. The candida theory sounds interesting, I wonder how that and low libido correlate? I actually do have some of those symptoms too! I wonder if they could be related.

I have:
-Recurring Jock itch (for about 2 years now, but particularly in spring and summer)
-Decreased sight acuity (for less than a year)
-Anxiety (although it seems to be getting better, without libido increasing)
-I definitely seem to have weak memory (not sure how long, hahaha :p)
-Concentration problems
That's about it, I also have a large appetite, which you didn't list.

When I masturbate, I have to be quick and rough or else the weak erection I do have will go away. I only have pleasure for seconds leading up to an ejaculation. I don't use oil or lotion either, but I never have so I doubt that affects it much. I have had sex only two times but BOTH times I could not get a strong enough erection to have satisfactory sex...this is what frustrates me the most. While having sex with the weak erection, I do not have pleasure.

Yeah I's REALLY frustrating how these problems persist... I have a feeling it is both psychological and lifestyle for me...but who knows. I often worry if I masturbated too much in those 4 years and I "used up" my erections. Or if there's something wrong with my "erection making" muscles. If this is the case, I do not know if there is any hope...hopefully these are not the case though.

Please, if anyone has informed input like this gentleman, please share!

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