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So, this is my first time on here, really am pretty good at 'fixing' myself to some degree. I have suffered from the following symptoms:

Scrotum is very red and patchy (will get to why its patchy later)
Wrinkly (which is do to the skin being inflammed)
itchy at times but not often lately

So, i have read numrous, wait scratch that, tons of boards that are offering advice and personal experience with this condition. So here is my analyses. Granted, i am no doctor, but who to say they are always right. Lol, they seem to have not figured it out anyways!

Lets start with the possible problems that have been stated, or known to may cause this. (I will not List STD as one at all because numrous people with the same condition has gone to get checked and came back negative)

We have:
Yeast infection
Jock Itch
some other bacteria infection
and my personal favorite, [COLOR="Red"]ECZEMA[/COLOR]!!!

"Eczema is a chronic skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes. as well as blistering, weeping, or peeling of the skin. Atopic eczema is the most common type. Symptoms: Typical skin changes may include: Blisters with..."

now the scrotum is a very delicate unique type of skin, much different from the rest of your body. Eczema seems to be what is causing my problem 'down below'

now, alot of people have stated that this has arisen after sex and some have not. so is it contagious?

"Really, the only way to have eczema is to be born with the condition and to have it triggered by one of many things. If you have a family history of eczema, it is likely that you too have the condition. Nearly anything can trigger eczema: changes in weather, detergents, fabrics, soaps, lotions, perfumes and even stress."

some of which women will use, even down there, Coupled with the clitoris nature juices could cause some real affects on your skin.

You may also say: "well my family doesnt have eczema. Mine didnt either, not that i know of but i couldnt through this out the window. More people have this skin issue today than ever. Reason why? I don't know! but everytime i turn around, someone has eczema

(earlier in the summer i had a really bad outbreak on my chest. had the same problems i had below, but come to find out it was exavtly what my little half sister had, plus with the heat in dallas being 100 degrees and plus for 60 days along with sunburn. it made for the right combo to show its nasty head.)

well with that, can you imagine the temperature in your groin area. along with powders, or soaps you have used could really trigger it.

So i started with some 999 Cream (Contains 0.075% Dexamethasone, 1% Camphor, 1% menthol). Similar to hydro-cortisone and even stronger. really didnt do much. But, i really didnt give it enough time to do anything.

i noticed this problem maybe a week ago, i started as of today putting Jock itch cream (yes, will not help with eczema but i figured, wth. My skin is weak, the nature barrier is broken down. Maybe there is something that could take advantage of the weaken state.)

so i have been using:
Gold Bond medicated powder before i go to bed or go out.
I use gold bond Healing lotion to put some moisture back in it
(why dry it, but keep it moisturize: the wrong moisture you want to keep out. The right moisture you want to keep in!)
i use jock itch cream (for anything thing that may start to grow or resides in my jewels)
lather with selsen blue (right before i shower or take a bath: i recommend baths. [COLOR="Red"]will get ot this later[/COLOR])
and a tiny bit of the 999 cream to get the inflammation down.

after starting this 24 hours later, some of the skin has turned gray (the patchy i mentioned up top)

(it's dying. NOT MY BALLS, but the skin! its starting to peel)

I take a nice bath luke warm with a very mild exfoliant then rinse thorghly to remove any residue.
jump out. and proceed to the best action depending on the time of day
Baths i think are good not for the infection or rash but because the moisture is absorb. Gold bond powder absorbs moisture, so if its trapped in the skin, its loosing up the dead skin, and taking action on the rest.

this has already helped me, and it seems to not be a full day yet. yes, its still red underneath, but in some parts i can see where the wrinkle is less and some light color.
!DO NOT FORCE THE SKIN OFF! BUT YOU can work it out with ya hand a soft rag.. rub gently.

i would continue with some sort of regiment even after things seem to get better.

Now, some of this may have not helped, but remember this:


(my little sister has it, and sometimes nothing helps. Nothing the doctors do, nothing my parents do, nothing at all.. takes trial and error.)

Eczema accounts for all the problems i have and others, and majority of other people as well.

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