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Hi and how are you? i need some help and suggestion and treatment. i have somthing that looks to me like rash or ring worm on both inner thighs groin. i saw doctors twice already. some called it jock itch, some called Tinea Cruris and another called it a yeast/fungus but it not transfarable and it not contagious and i did not get from any body.. they prescribe antifugal meds but i have use them for two to three months but this problem never goes away.

they look like, when some spread something on a smooth color area and because of that you can see the different in skin color and texture. sometime my inner groin area look ashy or whitish especailly after being in jeans for a long period of time. i dont wear skinny jean and i put on boxer.

they are not itchy, painfu or red or bumps. they are just on the surface of the skin. in shape some are round, some in spread like shape etc. recently i realize the same pattern of this stuff appearing on my mid anterior left leg /thigh area. to me they look like skin rash or ring worm.

help me treat this problem. like i said they are not painful, itchy, no pus, no redness. but they can look ashy or whitish. but i need them gone but it not good. i notice when ever i sit down to use the rest area. when i look in between my leg i can see them with the skin discoloration.

they are on both thighs groin area.


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