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I have some interesting news

I was speaking with a buddy of mine I played football with in highschool. We were close friends in highschool he is a physician. I asked him out of curiosity if he has ever heard of anything like this red scrotum syndrome. He told me he suffered from it a few years back. He said his started with a new high power shower head and a case of jock itch. He had this shower head for a week prior to his issue. He used antifungals with steroids on his jock itch and red scrotum. He said the jock itch went away but the red scrotum would come and go. He used even stronger anti fungals and topical steroids. He said he spoke to a pretty famous dermatologist at a conference. The dermatologist cringed at his story and took a history of his symptoms. The dermatologist prescribed him nothing but pain meds and forbid him from using all creams, lotions, home made mixtures. He said for the first three months his ordeal was hell. Pain, tingling, itching bright red scrotum! He said slowly his scrotum would return to normal but would flare up again and again. He said he stuck the course for approx 2 years and his scrotum was back to normal. The dermatologist told him he has seen this phenomenon for decades.

He related it initially starts with increased vasolation from irritation, excess washing, heat or even stress. He concluded the high power shower head being sprayed on his scrotum caused the initial bright red scrotum which he concluded was a fungal infection. The only fugal infection he had was the jock itch in his groin.

[B]My friend was tested for every virus, bacterial, fungal infection imaginable and was negative.

[U]The dermatologist told him most doctors are doing significant damage by supplying these powerful creams for the scrotum.[/U]

He said it's possible some severe cases have suffered irreversable damage and he's seen males take 2 to 5 years depending on how long they have used topical steroids.[/B]

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