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Greetings all!

This is my first time posting on these forums, so please bear with me! I decided I'd start off here , and move off to a different sub-forum if necessary.

Here's my story. Basically, for about 6-7 months now I've had this strange pain on the lower left side of my abdomen and my testicle. It started off around February as a really bad flu that stuck around for 2-3 months easily. At first there wasn't any particular pain in the testicle or lower abdomen, having only flu-like symptoms. Somewhere along the way, I came to observe this growing testicular/left-flank/lower-abdominal pain, becoming exponentially more painful, especially after ejaculation.

When I mentioned this pain to my GP, he examined my testicles but couldn't find anything wrong with them. In the light of that, he requested an ultrasound scan of my testicles and kidneys. The report came back saying that both testicles AND kidneys were absolutely fine save from my left testicle (the one I feel the pain in) having it's epididymi SLIGHTLY swollen in comparison with the right one. I did a bit of research myself in the meantime before the USC report came out and came to the conclusion that, judging by the kind of pain I was feeling, it could very well have been some kind of epididymitis. I probably should have pointed out earlier, but the testicle itself doesn't hurt, but rather the veins/tubes/whatever you call them and the epididymi itself upon touch.

My GP confirmed my suspicion, diagnosing me with a 'resolving epididymitis'. He said that it should resolve itself within the next week or two, considering that the epididymi itself was only slightly swollen, and that there was no need to prescribe any kind of medication. He, however, was utterly wrong, as I did not feel better. I went to a different GP, who prescribed me a prolonged dose of antibiotics to deal with it. I took it for the first two weeks, and I felt fine for the first time in months for a couple of day. However, it came back, and even having taking it for another extra two weeks it still wouldn't go away again. All the antibiotics did was to fuck up my stomach really bad, making me have serious indigestion problems for quite easily over a month.

Again, I went back to the GP, who prescribed me different antibiotics and strongly recommended me to seek a urologist as soon as possible. Once again I took the prescribed dose of antibiotics, but didn't get any improvements. What I can say is that the pain did become less aggravating over time, having started quite strong and today as I speak having become incomparably weaker, although still present and VERY annoying.

I went to see a urologist, and upon looking at my tests and scan he couldn't find any particular reason for me feeling as I am either. After my visit to him the pain subsided for a little while, until the one time I woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating pain in the testicle, having had to take painkillers to control it. Went to see the GP who first prescribed me antibiotics, and told him about the developments of my condition and my visit to the urologist. He came to the conclusion that what I am feeling could perhaps be a kind of chronic pain, which he told me not to be unusual in young men around my age - I'm currently 21. He prescribed this particular type of painkiller that target the nerves, can't remember what it's called; so this way at least I could have the pain controlled for the next while. That was a while ago, a month at least.

Here's is a summary of how/what I've been feeling, and how I feel right now:
- The testicular/left-flank/lower-abdominal pain comes back full on upon sexual intercourse or masturbation (i.e. ejaculation);
- On top of that, I also feel the left part of my body more 'sensitive'. It is not particularly sore per se, but I feel this weird tingling starting all the way down my left leg and coming up all the way up to my arm and head;
- There are a few other sore spots as well, specifically below my rib cage over my stomach to the left;
- I'm also asthmatic, and this seems to have to be affecting the way I breathe. My asthma itself has been under control for years now, but with this it seems that my lungs are feeling weaker. I feel this acute pain in the middle of my chest as I breathe - not all the time, but more often than I would like. As a result, I've found it to have become more much difficult to breathe. I'm not at all an athletic person normally, but this has been a real pain in the arse.
- Also worth mentioning is just the general weariness that I feel. I'm always extra-tired, even in days I make sure I get extra sleep. Whatever this is that I have, it's consuming my natural energy. I'm yet to wake up in the morning feeling invigorated. It feels so long since I last did that... I almost can't remember what it feels like.

Having gone through all this, the one conclusion I've been able to come up with is the fact that it HAS to be related to ejaculation. At the moment I've been just about two weeks without having either masturbated or had intercourse, and I can surely tell you that the difference is HUGE from the day after I last masturbated, considering that I felt all the symptoms I described above to be amplified greatly in that occasion - a pattern that I've observed over and over again. Over the days that followed my last masturbation, the symptoms DID improve. Right now, I don't feel any pain in the testicle at all anymore. I do feel quite lightly the lower left part of my abdomen a bit sore, but the pain itself is FAAAAAAAAR from excruciating: it comes and goes, and stays away most of the time. What I do feel, however, is the difficulty to breathe I mentioned above, the general weakness especially, and the tingling on the left side of my body.

Interestingly enough, I did specifically ask my GPs/Urologist if I should stop masturbating and having sex or doing whatever else in my routine that might have been harmful to me, who all said that I shouldn't stop doing anything at all. At this point, however, I can only see sexual abstinence as the way forward, which I'm more than happy to take if it will indeed heal my condition in a long-term basis. I'm currently off medication, although I should technically be taking the special kind of painkiller I mentioned earlier. Truth be told, I'm sick of taking tablets and not having them work: the painkillers are no different. The one thing I've been taking for the past couple of weeks is the vitamin complex called 'Saw Palmetto' which a friend recommended, as it is supposed to be very good for the prostate and the urinary tract. Otherwise, other than eating healthier and abstaining sexually, that's it.

I'm wondering if anyone, after having read this massive block of text, would be able to provide me some kind of feedback as in what I should do. It's been VERY inconvenient, specially because I cannot work/study at my best. At this point, I'm willing to take/try anything: if it will make this horrid condition go away, I'll definitely have a go.

I thank you all very kindly beforehand for taking your time to read and reply.

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