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I'm a 34 year old male who's been having medical problems for the past two years.

About two years ago I had oral surgery and went through several rounds of different antibiotics that I could tolerate and cure the resulting infection. I was finally put on penicillin and my scrotum immediately broke out in an itchy rash which spread to my penis, inner thighs, and anus. I cured it with jock itch spray and was fine for a while. I had read that jock itch normally doesn't affect the scrotum and penis so was a little confused but didn't know if that was true or not. Mine is never the scaly, crusty skin I've seen in pictures just red itchy and raw in the creases of my inner thighs. I never seem to notice a smell.

Around this same time I developed urinary retention and a Urologist couldn't find much wrong. He thought my bladder could have relaxed too much from the anesthetics from the surgeries. I took Flomax for a week and everything seemed fine.

A few months later I developed burning up inside me which I thought was a urinary infection and a GP tested me for STDs. That was negative so he put me on a short round of Cipro. A week later I was burning still and had jock itch again. I used the spray again and the jock itch was finally gone.

All this time I had kept the burning in my lower bladder or rectal area but couldn't pin point it. I constantly used hemmorrhoid cream and the symptoms would come and go along with the jock itch. I had hemmorrhoid problems in the past so I thought that could be the problem.

The jock itch had gotten so bad I saw another GP who put me on Lotrimin Ultra cream which cured the jock itch for a long time but the internal burning didn't go away. I saw a colorectal surgeon but he found very little wrong. I saw another Urologist and he found a prostate infection and gave me a 30 day sulfamethazine antibiotic.

Everything seemed to be good until right before I went back for a checkup with him and I had jock itch again. I had read that antibiotics could allow fungus to thrive and I had read the anti-fungal pill Nystatin may help. He didn't have a problem writing me a prescription for Nystatin and told me to keep using the cream. This along with the cream kept the jock itch away for about six months but now it's back. I have never had jock itch my entire life until the last two years.

I have read that not eating products with a lot of sugar, yeast, and alcohol can help but I've also read that is false. I take regular showers, wash well with mild soap, especially after sweating, and wear loose fitting boxers and clothing.

I'm currently taking Wellbutrin, Klonopin, Claritin, Zantac, and fish oil capsules regularly. My wife and I have had HPV for 7 years.

I'm desperate to figure out what's wrong.

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