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Red scrotum
Sep 29, 2011
First post here. Add me to the ranks of red burning scrotum.

This forum pretty much sums my problem up. 5 Months ago The symptoms of a "red burning scrotum" began to appear and I treated it as jock itch having since gone through 5 or 6 tubes of otc antifungals. Lotrimin, lamisil, tenactin, generic clotrimazole and whatever the monistat for womens yeast is.

I have had some luck but by no means cured the rash. It is red inflammation on the left side of my scrotum and barely extends to the right side. It seems to be contained to my left testicle. It originally went down my scrotum and had a pathway to my anus stopping just before it reached the anus. I have consolidated it back to the scrotum. I did this with ... vinegar.

I have continued using vinegar daily while bathing. What happens is the affected area burns. (It burned like hellfire the first few times through this process). Then the area turns white and a few days later it all peels away. Leaving my Scrotum looking and feeling wonderful. And then it returns. After a while though It has not progressed back towards the anus. Now I still use vinegar and it seems I've built a tolerance to this. Less burning and less peeling. However vinegar does provide itching relief after the burning fades I have no itch for the rest of the day.

I do not know what the problem is or why it returns. I have several things in common with what other people have mentioned in my medical history. I have a lot of stress related illnesses.

Exzcma on my left calf (about the size of a softball) and sometimes on my face has always remained mild and treatable with regular otc lotion.

All throughout puberty and high school I had IBS symptoms several times a week and was on Hyoscyamine.

2 years ago during finals testing week I developed shingles under my armpit and up my back and neck. I also lost a lot of hair during this time which subsided after graduating.

So I dont know what it is really. I have everything in common with most of you. Stress related issues, Exzcma, I believe it started after sex with my partner and leaving vaginal fluids on my scrotum over night, (meaning it could be bacterial).

For now though, vinegar has been how I treat it. Peels and goes away for a while and returns with about 50% success area wise to it not coming back. I have not ever used steroids on it. I did use antibacterial soap for a period but I didn't see much relief.

I hope this helps, and I hope someone else can weigh in with more success.

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