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I am 50y/male. I experienced pain in the perineum area between the anus and the scrotum. It started as a soreness after working out. So I thought I strained a groin muscle. Four days later the pain consistently got worse and I started feel a swollen area in the perineum area. After another 3-days (1-week now), I went to the doctors, they informed me that I had a temperature of about 100 deg and prescribed me Tylenol with codeine. I took the meds for 2 days and then went back when the swelling grew and the pain got worse. The swelling extended up under my testicles. This caused me to experience severe pain (felt like someone stuck a knife into my scrotum). At the point I went to the doctor and my temperature was 101 deg. and they said believed I had an infection of some sort and gave me antibiotics. After taking the meds for 2 more days, I could not take the pain - so I went to a Urologist and they took my temperature and it is now 103 deg. and they stated it was an infection and gave me more antibiotics to take (this was a Friday).. Now on Sunday 2-days later (and almost 2-weeks since these symptoms started) I felt terrible and took my temperature - it was 104-105 degs. I called the local emergency room and they said take Tylenol to knocked down the temperature and go see the doctor on Monday morning. Monday morning I went to the doctors and my temperature was 103-104 degs. They conducted a ultrasound - which showed good blood flow in the perineum area. They conducted a CAT scan/MRI which showed a gaping hole (space) in the area which means that there was a bacteria eating away in the inside of my perineum area.

Four Urologist and Two General Practitioners came in a spoke with me. They recommended that I go immediately into surgery to drain and remove the bacteria before it got into my blood stream and went throughout my body OR they could just continue to pump antibiotics into my system until it killed the bacteria. Either way I would of been admitted in the hospital. At this point (now 2 1/2 weeks since my first symptoms) I choose to have the surgery. By the end of the day I was in the operating room - had the surgery - while I was under for the surgery - the Urologists and GP's both full examined both urinary and prostate / colon areas to ensure everything was fine. Which it turned out to be fine. I spent 4-days in the hospital recovering and they pumped me full of powerful antibiotics to kill anything remaining in my body.

When I left the hospital - they did not stitch the cut from the testicles to the anus area. Because of the gaping hole created by the bacteria, they wanted the hole to close completely and they wanted the fluid to continue to drain. So I would just have daily packing every day (7-days a week) for the past 3-weeks. A nurse comes to my home and changes the packing in the area and I go back to the Urologist twice a week to ensure the wound is healing and not infected. Also - I conduct sit baths 2-times per day to keep the area clean. It has now been 3-weeks since the operation and recovery is going well.

I wanted to share this experience all men out there. The pain I experienced I would not wish on anyone - So I wanted to pass it along to all men. The doctors said at the time of the surgery - the swelling was the size of two decks of cards stacked on top of each other and spread as deep as your pointing finger and was from the anus to the testicles.

We never found out how I got this way and we will never know. So - in summary - men check the area, it you feel sore and you notice some swelling - check your temperature - if it starts rising - demand to get an CAT Scan/MRI to see if there is any indications of Bacteria growth in the area. You will experience the worst pain you could ever imagine until the bacteria is removed.

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