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Hey everyone, Im Dani, and Im 17.
So on April 27th I was circumcised and on the 29th I took my bandage off. I can assure you it was a living hell.
But I got through that. My doctor told me to come and see him in 2 month.
So I did.. In those two month, the stiches disappeared in about 3 weeks, and the swollowness of my penis wasn't a problem, although it was swollen.
So I went online and looked for post circumcision help. I understood that it may be swollen for 6 month tops. So I waited....
I saw the doctor and he said that everything is going to be fine but I wasn't happy atall.

I have 3 questions:

- Its been 3 month or so, since the operation. It is still swollen. I am have no choise but to continue waiting. But I have a question.
I started masturebating after 2 month. I guess I could have done it sooner but I wanted to make a certain amount of time.
I am still not having sex but I wanna start. Can I?

I have this theory... When I masturebate or anything like that, my penis is becomeing more swollen.. Is that possible?

- I am not happy with the way it looks. The skin (the skin that my foreskin was once attached to) is like "attached" to my glans (Hope I said it right).
It's like the stiches are holding it. But my dad or my doctor, can't remember which one of them, told me that its just me skin but its inside out. And my mind was blown.
What the hell?

- Can I have sex, BJ's, masturebate, etc...?

I would be more than happy to hear some stories about men who got circumcised as adults.
Also, please sent me a PM with pictures of post circumcision penises... No **** or something, I just wanna know how it supposed to look and what to expect to...

Thanks :)

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