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32y/o male. I have had persistent urethritis for approx 4 months now. After a brief encounter of unprotected oral and vaginal sex, I developed sensitivity to my urethra as soon as the next day. It has a swollen reddish appearance and becomes moist throughout the day even after drying. There is no pain associated with it but discomforting at times. It might be worth mentioning that I have been experiencing general fatigue, headaches for the past 3 months and burning tingling around the groin and inner thighs.
Tests neg for Gon/Chlym/Hep C/Trich/Syph. No WBCs seen in urine analysis. Rx'd Azitro 1g/Flagyl 2g. After a month of persistence went to the Urologist said slight jock itch- prescribed me Nystatin with Triamcinolone. Took Doxy 100mg 2X for 10 days, no relief. Infectious disease doc did not identify any jock itch. Tested neg for HSV1/2 Igg and HIV at 3 months and Positive for Igg of EBV and CMV with ID doc. Says its not likely Mycoplasma due to the urine analysis and the lack of WBC. He threw out possible auto immune disorder/ Reiter's or MS, but said unlikely.
I'm at a standstill. I got a "I don't know from the ID doc" Wondering if anyone has insight to the reason of having NGU/ persistent urethritis? Is it worth taking Moxifloxacin to cover all bases? Would this eventually go away on its own, or continue to persist without treatment? Thanks all.

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