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[QUOTE=cleansweap;5162596]First let me say that I am not a doctor or medical student. I do how-ever have a foreskin as you and many other men in this forum. When ever I hear cases like yours I always suggest inexpensive things to try. For the cracking and bleeding you might try some simple desetine skin cream. It's a cream used for diaper rash here in the US. It's a medicated cream that coats the area, giving it a chance to heal. After washing, use it over your foreskin and penis head. Try just a small amount in a small spot first, making sure it doesn't make the problem worse. Moms have used it not only on babies raw bottoms, but their penis as well. This may not help in your case, but it's worth a try. another home remedy is simple corn starch! You can find it on the baby isle at your local store. If the cream is not what you need. Try the corn starch! It too have been used for years on severe rash, body odor and sores. As for the washing/smegma problem you are having. Nothing beats a good body soap/wash. Water alone just isn't enough for (some) men. A good soap often recommended by doctors is (dove) soap. Stay away from perfumed lotions though. The lotions may cause worse problems, but the dove soap doesn't dry out your skin and it don't have any extra perfumes and chemicles added. (After) your skin heals from the cracks, you might try washing with soap, and rinsing well. And for the dryiness (if you don't like the feel dryness) use a little baby oil over your penis and foreskin. I always recommend baby oil because it not only work for babies, but it works for us older guys as well. A little vaseline wouldn't hurt either. I've used baby oil myself for years. It not only keeps the dry foreskin soft, it takes away that ashy dry feeling and leaves you smelling fresh. I'm sure their are better ideas out there for you to try, but this one just might do the trick! Keep us informed on your progress.

Well it has been a week an a half since I halted Antibiotics for my knee.
My foreskin has since become normal again (Cracked Dry Bleeding skin) is gone.

The tiny cuts still remain and continue to reopen when I pull my foreskin back to wash away the smegma (It has begun to go down a lot from the last time)

The first time I noticed it was basically white and snow and thick even though it had only been a day or two after looking at it.

There is just a few specs of smegma when I wash it now but after washing it I dry it gently with a cloth & I just apply Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

There is also something else that I notice when I am Flaccid...
My forskin seems to have changed, It looks like there is too much skin and it looks different an feels different possibly due to dryness...? I do no know

I don't think it always has been like this but...

Aside from the non-moist natural feeling I used to have around my Glan and the foreskin feeling different, everything else seems to have fixed.

The Itching, Red Rash, Cracked, Bleeding, inability to retract.

Perhaps it will get better after a week or so of continues treatment of what I am using.

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