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Hi fellas. I'm not the kind of man that posts or even talks about my sacks but having suffered in silence for 3-4 years I finally found that I am not alone. It all started with a pesty little itch more like a little *****( no pun intended) under my right nut just where the sack meets the leg. At the time I was in a mining camp room sharing with some weirdo and thought I must have picked up something. Maybe he used my towel or something. I tried the normal stuff like jock itch cream and anti fungal powders but noting made a mark on it. I tried baby powder and it seemed to get me through the night otherwise I was always half awake scratching at nothing. A visit to the doctor proved they are useless and the skin swab came back zero. Over the next couple /three years I tried everything known to man including a whole range of anti fungal medication including internal pills. No change. For a while I thought I must be nuts as I had the most weird itch in the world. Then about 6 months ago it migrated to cover most of my sack and eeven the base of my penis. At this point my sack was covered in what seemed white hair folical spots. It was only then I realised I did not even know what a healty sack looks like. Google helped in showing me another example of my symptoms yet I still did not believe. I did not like surfing the ball bag sites at all. A few moths later my balls were always hot, always extended and sweaty at night. I needed the aircon on even if I was freezing to get a little sleep. It didn't seem to bother me during the day. Eventually google suggested a zinc based product so Itried zince based sunscreen with 25% zice. It makes a bit of a mess but I applied it twice a day with immediate effects. It has an immediate cooling action and the itch is GONE. It does come back after 4 hours so during the night apply again. Also dust liberally with baby powder. Two weeks later and the issue is all but gone. I can go a night without any zinc or powder with no itch. I will keep up the treatment for another month. At $3 for 50grams of Zincstic sunscreen that lasts a week its a winner. Active ingredients: zinc oxide 25%, Octyl Methoxycinnamate 7.5%, 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor 2%.

Good luck

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