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[QUOTE=Living still;5230992]Firstly, Relax. panicking is just going to make it all worse. Whatever it is, is likely fixable and maybe even on it's own over time.
I would assume you didn't do anything that you think could have injured it? ie squeezing your erection too hard (nothing like your girl practicing kegel excesses while you were having sex)? Happened to me when I was young. I didn't know it could get hurt like that when it was that hard. Scared the heck out of me.
There are many things it could be and lots aren't STD's if you are concerned about that. That said you should go and see a doc about it. You can never go wrong doing that. Might be nothing to worry about at all but if you get it looked at they will tell you and if it is something they can probably help too.[/QUOTE]
Thank you for your reply. I'm waiting on my insurance to start up with my job, it should be a week or two otherwise I would have gone already. I have had sex lately but not too concerned about it being an std. Honestly it feels like a constant burning or soreness in my urethra but not all the way to the tip. It doesn't hurt any more or less when I urinate. I've been hoping to find some proof of it being a uti but everyone says it hurts to pee. Sometimes it's only noticeable as a pressure in my taint and other times it feels like someone is pinching the base of penis. When both occur at the same time it seems to burn. Imagine trying to pee and someone puts pressure on your urethra at the base of your penis with their finger. That's what it feels like when it's the least tolerable, only it's not while I'm urinating, it's constant. Yesterday I felt much better but today it's back and driving me crazy. I had the day off today and really haven't done too much to aggravate it. Obviously the best thing to do is go see a doctor but as I said before unless it becomes completely unbearable or I have reason to believe its an absolute emergency I'd like to wait for my insurance to go through. I'm just hoping to either hear that someone else has had these symptoms and has an idea of what I should do or has an educated guess at what could possibly be going on. Thanks again, I truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to reply.

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