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Hi all, I used to be a regular poster but ain't posted in nearly 2 years, but I've received a number of emails asking about my progress!

So before I start I'm fill those of you who never read my posts in on my story.

3 years ago, 2 weeks after I'd gotten married I woke up with red, itchy and burning testicles, the redness was clearly defined and at time travelled up my penile shaft, I immediately thought jock itch and treated it as such with over the counter steroid creams, this just burned it worse. 4 weeks of he'll, numerous visits to my GP and more creams and tablets than I can count later I was sent to hospital. Luckily I have health insurance but they simply did all the same tests again and more, they all just scratched their heads and didn't know what was wrong with me. At this stage i had started researching RSS and when I suggested it to the numerous doctors I saw in casualty they,d never heard of it. I was given oral steroids(high dose) and this at least stopped my itching but not the burning.

I was referred to a dermatologist, however I didn't hold much hope as at this stage I'd been seen by over a dozen different doctors with no clue to treat me. Anyhow when I attended this Dr , within 5 minutes he had diagnosed me with painful burning red scrotum syndrome and told me he had successfully treated it before.

Over the next 3 months he tried numerous approaches until we settled on one for me, it's as follows, Efraca tablets ( 40mg twice daily, contains doxycycline and is used to treat rosacea) Aveno oil to wash my privates daily ( strictly nothing else ) lose under wear at all times, (I wear boxers now inside out so the seam doesn't rub) and avoid any clothing that causes ruff friction in the groin area( I havnt warn jeans in 3 years) I also found a natural remedy online to that helps, 3 drops lavender oil, 3 drops tee tree oil, 2 drops oregano oil and 5 drops almond oil mixed together and rubbed on scrotum, and 2 drops oregano oil under tongue a day. I would also cool my testicles in cold water and i never never dry them( let them drip dry), I also began to sleep naked and wear only shorts around the house, slowly but surly I began to improve and get it under control, I have now had it under control for 2 and a half years. I have had a couple of breakouts but lasted no longer than a few days.

So that my story, I have a normal life with a few adjustments to keep this affliction at bay, I'm always aware of it and my scrotum is very sensitive. I don't take tablets or the natural remedy unless I have an out break . I wash every day with Aveno oil, I wear boxers inside out, loose clothing , cool my testicles if I ever feel them heating up, I never ever rub anything against or on my testicles. And it's vitally important to keep your core temperature cool, not just your testicles.

Some tips my dermo gave me,,, there is no known cause of RSS and very little research, it resembles a number of other illnesses in other parts of the body hence the different treatments, there is no know cure and treatment is difficult and varies from person to person, what works for one may not necessarily work for someone else, it's unfortunately trial and error. But some certain absolutes to treating it, STOP putting steroid cream on your testicles( will only further inflame already irritated skin) in fact if it hurts or burns your testicles don't use it ,. Stop using soaps, shower gels as atnd shampoos on your privates, get your dermo to recommend one for you( you wouldn't believe what's in them even ones that claim to be good for your skin). This is not contagious and is not an STI, I was tested 3 month prior to this starting and twice after it started ( my wife even went and got tested,all negative.

My dermo thinks it is partially a problem with damaged nerve endings in the skin in the scrotum, but that it is not simply one illness, that it is a result of 2/3 or even 4 illness that unfortunately have occurred together , ie I suffer with very minor psoriasis and chronic nonBacterial prostititis, maybe I got a fungle or skin infection with this at some stage that cleared itself up but left lasting damage. Who knows!!

Anyhow that's my story, I left out quite a bit about in the early weeks I tried everything, I even 're.ever putting both vinegar and anti burn he'll on my testicles, only made them worse!!

Good luck and don't give up!!

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