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[QUOTE=noevr;5300076]Hi this is a little tough for me being female. You said you tried jock itch so it's not fungus or yeast right? Are you wearing all cotton? After bathing dry with hair dryer to start off dry. There was this powder I can't think of it right now but I had to use it under my top half where I'll sweat a lot to stop anything from growing. I'm going to have to look it up. You don't have any ulcerations? Just checking. Not being personal but do you shave? Just watch re contamination with razor and I would think it would irritate. I have found the name of that powder zeasorb its otc, check it out in drug store read the back see if its for you. Also you need to use a non scented ph balanced body wash like dove or suave. Rinse well just pat dry then use hair dryer don't reuse towel. Oh yeah go commando when you can :) Cathy[/QUOTE]

I have an appointment to see a dermatologist, I have tried everything from these sprays to creams. I think my problem is i don't wear cotton underwear(which in am buying today) and i sit all day in front of my computer for work related

can i get this powder over the counter or do i need a doctor's proscription? and you said name is zeasorb?

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