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How to take HCG?
Dec 20, 2007
... When I tried it I was on HCG only. My doctor tried HCG alone first to see if thats all I needed for treatment. I was only able to get total T up to about 300 on HCG alone. ... (5 replies)
... female hormone issues. In fact it is hard to find any doctor that is knowledgeable in this area. I am impressed your doctor is treating you for the low T3 when your TSH is so low. ... (12 replies)
... to my regular Doctor and my Endo about this treatment. I prefer trying the HCG, Clomid, and whatever other drug that is needed to see if my "REAL" testosterone can get back up to the high range, and hopefully stay there. ... (12 replies)

... pituitary part of the axis shut down typically is going to mean your LH is below what they can measure at 0.4. For the testicles they may still be making some small amount of T even with little LH least from my experience. ... (12 replies)
... Sorry to be jumping around here but I have multiple questions.... ... (12 replies)
... The only people I'm aware of that have been able to "restart" were one's who had taken steroids and screwed themselves up. But I only get that from reading other forums. I think at age 25 its worth a try even if it does not work. The HCG and clomid should work pretty fast. ... (12 replies)
HCG question
Feb 26, 2008
... at all it should raise your T level. If there is atrophy you may find that it takes some time for this to happen....on the order of a few weeks to months. The HCG can actually revitalize atrophied leydig cells in some cases. In my case after 4 years on androgel and low LH before that.... ... (6 replies)
... vitamin D 25 OH, TSH......gosh I have forgotten the whole list of things to check. Blows to the head can cause pituitary problems but I doubt they will see anything on the MRI if that is the root cause. ... (12 replies)
... so that not enough LH is being sent, you can take HCG to replace the LH. For most men, if their testicles are working the HCG will cause them to make more T. ... (25 replies)
... First of all, let me say I sympathize with your issues. Unfortunately, looking at your bloodwork, it looks like you may have a prolactinoma. ... (4 replies)
... When to include HCG is not agreed upon by the top doctors. Dr. Shippen uses it before even trying T replacement. If HCG alone does not work he will add T replacement. From what I read about Crisler patients he uses T replacement first and then adds HCG to the mix later. ... (43 replies)
... You can stop the T and you may go back to where you were. It may take a couple months to get there though and you will have very low T and be tired in the meantime. Taking HCG during this recovery phase will help. ... (19 replies)
... The most common treatment regimen for you would be to take HCG along with some type of T replacement either shots or a gel or cream. ... (15 replies)
... It can take up to a few months from what I've read. ... (20 replies)
... itary problems. Also you could try urologists. Ask how many men they treat with hypogonadism and do they test for estradiol in addition to T....and do they use HCG therapy. ... (86 replies)
... I "think" I am primary hypogondal but I have never been told for sure. I have had low T at least since I was 33 and I am 37 now. I tried a brief round of shots but the family doctor did not know what he was doing and I got manb00bs, etc. ... (2 replies)
... ood checked 3 times. Another doctor's office staff told me to ask a pharmacist about my condition in hopes of finding a local doctor who knew about my condition. I don't have money to go visit the best ones, around the country or even in my home state. ... (10 replies)
... CYP shots alone be ok. I know HCG keeps the testies working so you can still have kids, but what are the other benefits. This way I have info to argue with Dr. ... (10 replies)
... I have not read all 12 pages of posts so pardon me if I duplicate other suggestions. ... (56 replies)
... You're on the right track to get off the androgel and run tests for all the hormones. Being off it a week should do before you take labs. You are right that the androgel will skew the LH and FSH tests so they are pretty useless while on it. ... (1 replies)

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