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... Hey im 16 and i didnt no you could pull your foreskin back over the head until last year. Since i've left it so long it is very tight and although i can pull it back no worries when my penis is flaccid, it is very tight when erect. ... (6 replies)
... hey all, im 15 years old and foreskin isnt fully retractable yet, i wonder if anythings wrong? ... (82 replies)
... I am a teen and this is kind of embarrassing to talk about but here goes. I can't pull down my foreskin past even a fourth of the head of my penis. I can pull it down a little bit, but then it starts to hurt. Also, touching the head is so sensitive it is almost painful. ... (1 replies)

... can pull it down but pain during foreskin as it's still tight. ... (10 replies)
... I can pull it down some bit but after hearing it could get stuck I get worried. I guess it is a bit tight, how far is it supposed to go exactly? ... (5 replies)
... What I did was just the typical up and down stretch with the foreskin against the head of the penis. ... (1 replies)
... Many men come to this site seeking help for tight foreskin problems. To avoid constant repetition I have tried to write instructions in one place. ... (1 replies)
... i'll get straight to the point. the problem i have is that i THINK i can be able to pull back my foreskin to let the head out. ... (2 replies)
... Hello, I'm (17 yrs) and sad to say i have a problem with my foreskin... I happend to hear about this site from a friend and browsed through a few topics including Geoff's stretching one, heres my question.. I have been cleaning "down" under for a very long time, and i have seen some results ( meaning a long time ago when i had an erection, i couldn't even pull down the... (1 replies)
... e person was going to have the same problem I had a few years back so I decided to google this and I happened to fall onto your blog. I didnt clean underneath my foreskin until I was like 25. Never knew I had to. I thought it was "self cleaning" or whatever. Sometimes I had white crusty stuff come out but that was it. ... (3 replies)
... I have read a lot of messages about foreskin problems, frenulum etc. ... (3 replies)
Foreskin problems?
Dec 22, 2002
... I can pull it all the way back most of the time when not erect, when I am in the shower cleaning my penis. ... (20 replies)
... Is there any damage that can be done to the foreskin by keeping foreskin retracted for hours, days, months on end? ... (18 replies)
... Hi, I'm 16 years old and I would really like help with an issue I am having because I have heard that going without treatment can result in some less than pleasing consequences. ... (1 replies)
Foreskin help
Oct 27, 2010
... erected I can pull my foreskin all the way down the penis. ... (4 replies)
... Now really starting to see a difference, can pull almost all the way back although slightly worried it might get stuck behind the head. ... (0 replies)
... I am 21 years old and am uncircumcised. Today I found out that you are supposed to clean under you foreskin. I have never pulled back my foreskin for going to the toilet, masturbating or even for sex I have always just had the foreskin on. ... (3 replies)
... and it was alright actaully. I went right down past the head without to much discomfort, just felt tight when it got to the bottom of the head. ... (22 replies)
... Anyway, I tried doing the stretching exercises recommended by Geoff. I can get parts of the foreskin back behind the glans when not erected. ... (18 replies)
My Foreskin
Mar 9, 2004
... I can bascially easily pull back my foreskin when flacid and while erect. But it will only go down about about 1cm at the most after it has reached the bottom of the penis head, is this normal I thought it is meant to go down more than this? ... (6 replies)

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