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... i triesd those stretching methods with no joy finally got the currage to goto the doctor today and he has booked an appoinment for me to get a circumsicion so im so relieved i went, see your doctor mate 10 mins of emmbarresmentis nothing lol he will soon have u sorted my doc tried stretch my hole with this silver thing first it made some progress but not far enough so i... (5 replies)
... hi guys im new im 18 nearly 19 and i just figured out today literally i have Phimosis im not sure how severe it is.. i cannot retract my forseskin while my penis is errect.. and only slightly when flaccid. ... (5 replies)
... My phimotic ring is, as best as I can measure, 9.75cm around and I'm looking at around 12.5cm around being very comfortable as a goal. ... (0 replies)

... All my life, i have never retracted my foreskin and had no idea i have too. Until last month. Imagine my shock when i found out i have phimosis on top of frenulum breve. ... (1 replies)
Phimosis streching
Jun 17, 2014
... which is found near the top of the Men's Health Message Board. You must do the stretching exercises, particularly STRETCHING TECHNIQUE ONE, at least once a day for as long as you can. ... (1 replies)
... Okay, this is going to be a bit long, but I want to put all the facts here so folk can offer an educated opinion. I'm really at the end of my rope as searching has turned up absolute crap, and this place is my last hope. ... (7 replies)
Jun 11, 2006
... Well I will try my best to explain, well up to now the stretching I thinkk is going fine. ... (26 replies)
... To start off I'll talk a little about myself here. My name is Carlos and I'm 18 years old in college. I wanted to see if anyone can shed some light on my particular phimosis. Or maybe it's not particular but either way I can't really find any help on it. ... (0 replies)
... In recent years, I've noticed that I have phimosis as I can only retract my foreskin enough to see a small circle of my head. ... (1 replies)
... If regular stretching, following the instructions fails, there is betamethasone cream. If both together fail, a dorsal slit can work fine. If all three fail, then circumcision might be the most advisable route. ... (5 replies)
Help Phimosis
Oct 31, 2005
... s with no discomfort at all, but later on in the day if I try to do the stretching when not in the shower I cant retract as far and the sensitivity has returned can anyone give me advice on speeding up the process or other ways of dealing with the sensitivity that would be usefull. ... (8 replies)
Jun 11, 2006
... and the part of the head thats facing my body is where the skin is tighter from halfway of the head to the back I can pull I can say with ease becuz its the top thats stoping it from pulling back naturally. My question is can the stretching help the top to pull back as well? ... (26 replies)
... ally worried about it i don't know if i have moved it done something else. It's not causing any pain it just looks like it may be in a different position. Please can anyone help because i'm really worried about it. ... (2 replies)
... If it is a yeast infection, stretching is the wrong thing to do. It will make little breaks in the foreskin, which heal into less elastic scar tissue. ... (7 replies)
Help Phimosis
Nov 1, 2005
... if the stretching does not work after 3 months, and you're doing it every day, you should consider getting betamethasone cream from your doctor. ... (8 replies)
... Can anyone help me out? ... (10 replies)
... Did you have a look at my stretching instructions yourself? ... (5 replies)
... Did you consistently follow the directions on the sticky at the top of this forum? Did you try betamethasone cream, in conjunction with the stretching, or the glansie (metal stretching device)? Surgery seems drastic, for something which is typically easily fixed without it. (5 replies)
... at the local drug store...can it help speed up the foreskin stretching process? ... (3 replies)
... I have phimosis and been stretching now for around 5months have seen a modest improvement to say the least. ... (1 replies)

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