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... will make your testicles shrink is that the hypothalmus in your brain will sense the T is high enough and it will reduce the amount of LH sent to the testicles to stimulate them to make T. With no stimulation the testicles will shrink.....just like a muscle that is not used will shrink. ... (8 replies)
... If you want the testicles to go away but still have nromal male sex action, it aint gona happen. ... (8 replies)
... out your hormone levels. If they are not in range then he might have some suggestions. Just do not medicate yourself in this area! Some testosterone supplements can actually shrink the testicles. You will need professional advice on this one! ... (8 replies)

... If it is hormones, taking hormone replacement will make the testicles shrink even further. ... (5 replies)
... Actually, taking testosterone will cause testicles to become smaller. Unfortunately, the side effects of too much testosterone are numerous and not recommended. ... (8 replies)
Androgel questions
Mar 17, 2008
... I have a hard time finding a study about this, I have looked. The only thing close i have found is weight lifters who use huge doses of steriods and shrink thier gear. ... (14 replies)
... Testosterone shots will cause your body to stop sending LH to the testicles. LH is what stimulates the testicles to make T. ... (1 replies)
... He can't get an erection. He states that his hormone levels are fine but I think maybe its the blood flow issue as at one point he was almost 500 lbs. He had the lap band surgery so now he is about 300 lbs. He is 6 feet tall. Unfortunately the weight issue caused many irriversable health problems. D (5 replies)
... Welcome to Healthboards. This is a great site and I hope you find your time here beneficial. Many here have diverse experiences, thus, can offer lots of support and guidance. ... (14 replies)
... I have been on Testosterone replacement therapy for about 3 years and am experiencing scrotum/testicle shrinkage along w/reduced semen upon ejaculation that looks watery/more clear than white. I am new to this site and before posting this question read thru as many other posts on this subject as I could find.. they were helpful but left me w/even more questions! Here's some... (14 replies)
... range and he says this is fine but I am still exhausted. I can only work for 6 hours a day then I get worn out. I am not making often to live off of. ... (10 replies)
... As to the T, I think your doctor needs to make an attempt to find out why it is low rather than just giving you T shots. Low T can be caused by many things some of which could be serious if ignored. ... (5 replies)
... orgasm can also pull the testicles up tight. some men's testicles pull up so tight they actually go inside the body for a time. ... (5 replies)
... If your testicles have shut down testosterone production they will shrink in size. ... (3 replies)
... PLEASE HELP....i no it will vary but will my testicles shrink ? ... (2 replies)
... rs so that makes you 21 you should be, then no your penis is done growing for the most part. getting on TRT will not increase your testicle size either usually shrink them. Mine went from Golf ball to large grape size. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks all but, I relate to this one. (5 replies)
... Although cold is the most common thing, extreme fear, tension, anticipation, etc. can cause your testicles to pull up tight. Also, if I wear tight briefs for a while, it usually happens. ... (5 replies)
... The osteoperosis can be from low testosterone. Did you ever have your LH and FSH tested before starting T replacement with androgel? ... (8 replies)
... will make your boys shrink because they are not getting the stimulation they once had. ... (8 replies)

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