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... It was only in one testicle, but then again I only have one testicle. :) In the beginning the pain was constant, worse when sitting. I didn't try turning it around/upside down. Ouch! Neither should you. I felt the best when I was standing, or lying down. I tried ICE, and HEAT. Ice helped a little. Don't put it directly on it, and not for very long. There is a condition... (6 replies)
... the same doctor since I was in my mid 20's. Back then when I had my yearly physical, while I was laying down he would pull down the front of my briefs and press around the pubic area. ... (17 replies)
... Seems so random to me. Might go back and speak to my doctor again but I'm not sure what they are going to turn around and say given that the intial problem I had initially just went away without any medication, surgery or anything! ... (1 replies)

... I am now 39. In the last few years I have managed to find the right people to speak to who in turn looked in the right places for the right problems finding that what I was complaining about was valid. ... (2 replies)
... and was doing my weekend training. The pain from the day I went to the ER was back now, a year later and very intense. It started small and weak, around 4pm. By 730PM I was in so much pain that I was hunched over, if I stood straight up the pain was insane, and my breathing was very shallow. ... (5 replies)
Att: Darkfur
Sep 3, 2003
... I can't remember if it was from watching porn or seeing my friends' balls around the age of 11 that I even knew testicles existed. I have never seen my father naked. ... (20 replies)
Coming Off Hrt
Dec 14, 2007
... king for sexual benefits. I am not totally dysfunctional by far, but I know how things should work. It goes back to the age of 17 when things changed "abruptly". Around this same time, I developed a varicoseille in my left testicle. I had an operation at age 20, but I don't know if this all has any relation. ... (10 replies)
Att: Darkfur
Sep 4, 2003
... There was one guy I used to work with who I suspect was gay. He'd often joke around with me because I was honest with him and was one of the people he could comfortably talk to. ... (20 replies)
... not normal as both LH and FSH would be on higher end if it was testicular problem. I have been getting tested for T levels for past 1 year and right now my T is around 300. ... (7 replies)
... Don't underestimate the role your anxiety can play in libido and sexual function. I had similar issues about 10 years ago and they didn't resolve until I treated my anxiety issues. ... (5 replies)
... se to the upper limit and the limit is really too high there like it is here then that may be the cause of the gyno. It would help if you post your results so I can convert to what we have here. ... (6 replies)
... Hi everyone. I need some serious help cause I don't know where to turn now. For the past 6 months I've experienced bouts of ED, low libido, weak ejaculations and a small amount of ejaculate. Sometimes I'll be constipated. ... (5 replies)
... year ago approx.. got a sharp stabbing pain in testicles which brought me 2 my knees.... ... (2 replies)
... She repeatedly pointed out that anxiety issues can dampen the HPTA and suggested of all things yoga or counseling to help calmness. Okay........Um, sure...... ... (16 replies)
... Your T certainly can be too low but for a few months it's not going to do any permanent damage. But you may feel like crap. ... (13 replies)
Burning Scrotum
Nov 1, 2011
... My Urethra around the opening turned red very tiny bumps like raised skin, I've had frequent urination and discomfort in my penis, like a biting or sharp stabbing feeling. ... (7 replies)

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