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Coming Off Hrt
Dec 14, 2007
... What do you think? ... (10 replies)
Coming Off Hrt
Dec 13, 2007
... good advice above. I agree going off TRT may not be the answer for you. But to answer your question anyway....everyone is different. You may or may not be able to restart your testicles. I was on androgel 4 years and even with HCG could only get my T up to 300 . ... (10 replies)
... receptors in the hypothalmus preventing both estrogen and testosterone from binding. This makes the hypothalmus think T is too low and it sends more GnRH to the pituitary which in turn makes more LH to get T levels up. ... (12 replies)

Low Test.
Feb 29, 2008
... pituitary which are in the brain. The hypothalmus detects T levels in your body. It tells the pituitary if T is too high or too low by sending more or less of a hormone called GnRH. The pituitary then sends more or less LH to the testicles. ... (1 replies)
Can I stop TRT?
Dec 10, 2007
... There is no reason to believe if you stop TRT you will go back to any state better than you were before. You did not invent this, you had symptoms and labs to back up that you suffer from secondary hypogonadism. ... (3 replies)
... mL of T that it made and then you added the testim pushing even higher. ... (16 replies)
... But what I am asking for is, I know that high prolactin can naturally lower Testosterone. I would have been put on cabergoline if they had found a tumour. But apparently the MRI was not overly clear. ... (0 replies)
... Okay, joe, I think you have cleared that up for me. ... (12 replies)
Second Puberty
May 13, 2007
... I can't answer the gh question. You will not get a second puberty by using T patches. ... (3 replies)
... e lab range. Howver the lab ranges are for adult males of all ages from 16 to 99 to they are not relavant for a 39 year old. Androgel is extremely expensive if you pay cash for it. I think you could have your doctor argue that he is suffering the symptoms of low T with the insurance company. ... (30 replies)
... pituitary and your tesicles since LH drops to near 0. Your jump in T you mention could be due to lots of things. ... (25 replies)
... It is possible to restart the HPTA but it really depends on what is wrong with it. ... (25 replies)
... eks ago finally found a Dr that knows what he is doing and he switched me to HCG. Like you, I was only 42 when I started Androgel. If it has not been mentioned you should know it will essentially make you sterile in case you plan to have more children. ... (56 replies)
... weeks then stopped. Now if you test halfway through and there is no differnce then yes its not working. ... (37 replies)
... clomid but I have heard from others that it can be a long process before a restart is successful, if ever. However, I have heard there is a better chance of restart with younger people, hence our age, unless you were to have some sort of pituitary issue. ... (37 replies)
... I'm not saying once you start HCG you can never stop. But, when taking HCG your HPTA will likely shut down because there will be plenty of T and your pituitary will stop sending LH because you have enough T. The HPTA usually is quick to restart after being shut down, especially in someone healthy. ... (92 replies)
... HCG would basically restart my testosterone system and then if i'm not permanently hypogonadal then my total testosterone would go back to normal? ... (8 replies)
... keeping LH and FSH in range if you are on long term TRT, period. ... (11 replies)
Clomid and HCG
Jul 3, 2008
... ever know the real answer. I understand your suspiscion of very physical to sedentary lifestyle but I doubt that is the real cause. I know there are people who can use HCG alone, but sadly they seem to be a minority. ... (8 replies)
... I really want to see if I can get my natural testosterone back to "normal" which would be ? ... (12 replies)

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