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... pm local time at a sauna club near Bonn, Germany on August 27, 2008. A week later my scrotum began to turn pink and I developed severe balanitis that turned out to be caused by staph, as I've mentioned before. ... (82 replies)
... its located right where the scrotum forms and starts to drop. Also, the bump is not "in" the scrotum or ballsack, its "on" the scrotum. I've ruled out testicular cancer as it doesn't really qualify as a 'lump', and it doesn't look like any symptom of any STD. ... (0 replies)
... g 1 pill a day so I could spread it out further. When I don't take it for a while, I start to get sore spots. I have had a Epidermoid Cyst on the left side of my scrotum for well over 2 years. All it was was a little hard white knot a little bigger than a pea. It was nothing. Didn't hurt, nothing. ... (0 replies)

My problem
Oct 18, 2010
... I had testicular cancer in the past so I have always had nerve pain for the past 5 years doctors said it could had been damaged to the nerves. ... (105 replies)
... Just yesterday, while in the shower, I started to wash my genitals. I felt a firm bump the size of a pea UNDER the skin. The bump is located between the inner side of my left leg near the back of my scrotum. It is in the crease between my leg and scrotum. Anyway, when discovered, it did not hurt. Today it feels the size of a small-medium grape and has become sensitive. ... (2 replies)
... because the testicle sits differently it is uncomfortable when wearing tight underwear. The bulge is much more evident upon waking up in the morning and when my scrotum is not loose. However, my testicle doesn't ascend into my body whatsoever. ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what it was but it appeared to disappear after a few days. I'm assuming it must have been a lymph node or something as it appeared suddenly, and seemed to disappear fairly quickly. I'm keeping an eye out to see whether it reappears. (2 replies)
... as the consequences of ignoring testicular cancer would be dire. ... (2 replies)
... I seem to have black heads on my scrotum they were imbedded in one place on the undescended testical side of my scrotum is the normal and please don't tell me cancer... ... (0 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 30, 2010
... rganic Huice place in the city and bought a carrot, cucumber etc drink, super raw. It's been over twelve hours and I feel a lot of chemical energy in my body. My scrotum is still sore but my sex drive has increased like MAD. ... (116 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 26, 2010
... ions. If you want to call this Ideal Conditions then go right ahead. But you can find health again. Removing sugar from my diet helped calm the inflamation of my scrotum but there are other problems from my stomach. ... (116 replies)
... He said I have scrotum and penile syndrome and it is not sexually transmitted and cannot be passed on to others. ... (137 replies)
... is convinced something lethal is wrong, their are experiences where the symptoms are nothing at all. I was absolutely convinced the large right sided vien in my scrotum and penis was the end of the world. Cancer, rogue vericocele, or whatever else could be wrong and it turns out that absolutely nothing was wrong at all. ... (3 replies)
... Testicular cancer is just that, cancer of the testicles not your scrotum. ... (5 replies)
... Im a 17 yr old guy, ....a about 3 / 4 months ago i found a little pimple/spot on the right side of my measured about half a cm, and has remained the same size...when i first found it...i squashed it and the usual white puse came out, but since then the spot/pimple has remianed there and is the same size...the only difference is that it is all hard now, if i squash... (5 replies)
... I'm new here and I'm sorry if this may be a repeat posting, but I noticed a few months ago on the right lower part of my scrotum I have a small round area that appears to be a pimple but it's a little bigger than a pimple. ... (3 replies)
... This may be of limited use to you as my scrotal problem is a different one from yours as there is no itching. But not washing helped - and I mean long term not washing it so it didn't get wet ever. Like I say different problem so might be the opposite of what you need. I now get by with just a regular light dusting with talc (cuts moisture and friction, but too much strips the... (2 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 30, 2010
... I do u this vitamin C and have increased to 2 pils a day when sick...he is spot on for the usage of this vitamin C it will cause you no harm, but may put you on the toilet if you don't regularly take that much. Like he said, start with 1 for a few days(maybe even a week), than increase to 2 and eventually 3....I started taking 2 a day on Saturday and will increase to 3... (116 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 30, 2010
... I repeat, my scrotum is completely normal again. ... (116 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 29, 2009
... strange neurological symptoms, etc. IN ADDITION to the scrotum symptoms for MONTHS before I began to suspect these types of insidious bacterial infections. ... (100 replies)

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