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My problem
Nov 4, 2010
... Doctors can't figure it out and doctors refuse to acknowledge candida yeast infections as a health problem. ... (105 replies)
... finally had enough, gave up my job which required standing and just lost all hope. One night I was itching and scratching and only thinking that this devil in my scrotum is never going to let me live. I had also watched that very night a program on God and ordered a book. ... (0 replies)
... year period, slowly I began to get a red rash under my neck, elbows, and nose. Fordyce syndrome on my lips, and a slightly whitesh toungue. Again, with the Dr.'s telling me dry skin, foliculitis, fordyce, etc.,normal color of toungue. ... (39 replies)

... dry scrotum, mouth dryness etc.but the itchy scrotum has been going on for months, with no visible redness. So symptoms are similar. Derm told me i am cured. Ha, what a joke. ... (82 replies)
... Reading what you say about "sugar intake making it worse", maybe there seems to be some common factor here.... how much research has anyone done on Candida. ... (84 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 10, 2009
... exzcema on ankles, headaches, chronic fatigue, diarrhia then constipation. ... (100 replies)
... and prescribed a topical steroid every other day with Vaseline on the other days. ... (4 replies)
... I have been dealing with red scrotum syndrome now for probably five years and I do believe that it is Candida related. I believe that I got the initial yeast infection from my wife but it could have just started by itself. ... (4 replies)
... fungal pill a week ago and things have begun moving much quicker. Scrotum skin is now what I'd describe as a light pinkish, close to normal. ... (39 replies)
... very much like candida or yeast isnt it? ... (81 replies)
Chronic problem
Sep 16, 2009
... abrasion on my gland. Very small. I brushed it aside also 3 days later it healed. ... (100 replies)
Red scrotum
Oct 16, 2011
... Then I went and saw a holistic doc. I have used him many times before on other issues and he has a great reputation in NYC. ... (30 replies)
... I have been a sufferer of the "Red Scrotum Syndrome", A.K.A. "Red Balls of Fire", A.K.A. "Red Sack Syndrome", etc. ... (22 replies)
... I also passed out and didn't wash off. I have also been on many prescription antibiotics and fungus treatments. ... (82 replies)
... NYGUY79, there are a couple reasons why this stuff might affect you more than your gf. One, some people have more of an allergic reaction to candida than others. Two, the scrotum skin is a wonderland for candida to grow. I can tell the infection is worst in the deepest skin folds. ... (82 replies)
... I have had this problem since June 2005. My scrotum itches, nips, tingles, crawls. Sometimes it comes on suddenly as if I am being bitten or nipped, but there is no evidence of crabs and I had no sexual contact for a long period before it started. ... (137 replies)
Red scrotum
Oct 11, 2011
... I also believe it's internal. I also believe we have a few different underlying causes. After the doxy, it appears the scrotum rash reappeared for you? ... (30 replies)
... nless i can prove this is m genatalium and this drug will kill it. Just wondering whether anyone has tried this. Also for you guys who seem to find a cure in the candida diet, did your proems also starting with a sexual encounter ? ... (39 replies)
Chronic problem
May 11, 2009
... My scrotum is pretty much cured, though if not treated properly I'm sure it could relapse. ... (100 replies)
Chronic problem
Jun 25, 2009
... when they tell you there is nothing wrong. Likewise, get multiple opinions on any diagnosis. Sadly, lab testing often fails, placing us in the horrific nightmare of both illness and uncertainty. ... (100 replies)

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