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... I have the same problem but i have white patches near the foreskin opening. ... (9 replies)
... I am having problems retracting the foreskin during an erection, when i go to the bathroom its usually easy to pull it all the way back but i dont know it just hurts when i have an erection and it usually turns really red. ... (3 replies)
... THe foreskin cant just come back, as its too used to being in the one position. You need to work it back over a period of time. Try pulling it back as far as u can go without hurtin too much. Then do the same the next day, and the next day, etc. ... (5 replies)

... I am really glad that this board has plenty of information on phimosis and stretching. If i had found this info earlier, maybe i wouldnt be in the condition i am now. ... (9 replies)
... o and yesterday I've mastrubated late at night. I had phymosis which was successfully healed, BUT I've only pulled my foreskin behind the head and not further down. Anyway, as I was mastrubating, I started to do it very rapidly and soon found out that ive pulled my foreskin further down. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, my foreskin can go back no problem when flacid, and about 3 quarters of the way down the head when erect. Sometimes if im really lubed i can get it behind the head, but it's a tight fit. ... (6 replies)
... as a teenage boy ive watched my fair share of porn and ive noticed that all the blokes on porn pull there foreskin back. im a virgin and no ones seen "it" therefore no ones commented. basically ive tryed to pull it back and it hurts when i do. ... (1 replies)
... The doctor you want to see is a urologist. But most of the time they need a referral from your general physician before you can see them. Just for the record, most circumcisions do not remove the frenulum. I am circumcised and although the foreskin was removed, I still have a majority of my frenulum. ... (4 replies)
... A couple of days ago i turned 17 and i think i have the disease called "Phimosis". ... (1 replies)
Apr 18, 2003
... How far should the foreskin retract over the head when erect? ... (13 replies)
... you need to fix this asap if you cant pull it back all the way when flacid. if this is the case, im amazed you havent had infections in the past. You need to be able to pull the foreskin back all the way and wash the whole penis. ... (5 replies)
... I used to masturbate quite often during my teen stage. i am also uncut but i am able to pull my foreskin back all the way back to clean the head since the age of 17, now im 20. ... (0 replies)
... Quick update, approaching week 10, without use of the cream. ... (42 replies)
... ok I have a few questions and they are all to do with my genitals. I have been to a GP about all of this but he took one look at me and said everything fine and ushered me out like I was wasting his time. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the reply, i worded it wrong before, its like i can pull it half way past my head, i just cant pull it behind my head, it goes about upto the outer ring if you get me? ... (5 replies)
... I cant touch it though, my penis is too sensitive, it is uncircumcised and it is far too difficult to touch it without serious discomfort and pain. ... (4 replies)
... yeah so far i pull it back all the way before i masterbate and take a shower. also i realize there's a certain point where i cant pull my foreskin back any further, it's like right after i expose the head, is this normal? ... (45 replies)
... lol okay all jokes aside. Its still a bit sensetive to rub the smegma off but im rinsing it alot and it seems to be clean other than some smegma around the ring, when i pull on the adhesion it seems to get that itchy feeling, hm, hard to explain. ... (10 replies)
Aug 19, 2004
... i dont know if this post is in the right place.... ... (5 replies)

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