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... Why not just go have his hormones checked to see what's going on there. Then we have something to work with. Test for total T, LH, FSH, prolactin, estradiol, total estrogen and throw in cortisol which requires fasting and an AM test. ... (8 replies)
... glad to help.....been going thru this stuff for about 5 years now....have learned more than I ever wanted to. Had a great guy on this board who was extremely knowledgable help me quite a bit. ... (5 replies)
... Diebetes can difinitly cause ED. Its something he will have to talk to his doctor about. soon! ... (5 replies)

... Yes if he does not want to see a doctor there are labs you can find online that will let you buy your own blood tests. Insurance will not typically pay for this since it is not doctor ordered. They mail you a blood order and you go to a local lab to have the blood drawn. ... (8 replies)
... Testosterone shots will cause your body to stop sending LH to the testicles. LH is what stimulates the testicles to make T. ... (1 replies)
... I have been on Testosterone replacement therapy for about 3 years and am experiencing scrotum/testicle shrinkage along w/reduced semen upon ejaculation that looks watery/more clear than white. I am new to this site and before posting this question read thru as many other posts on this subject as I could find.. they were helpful but left me w/even more questions! Here's some... (14 replies)
... Your T level is low by most standards but it is not terribly low. For example, mine was 98 when I had it checked after suspecting something was wrong. ... (41 replies)
... The HCG will also keep your testicles from shrinking and it should cause them to make some T. T cyp shots alone are ok if you don't mind the shrinking testicles. There is some small chance the testis also make an unknown hormone that effects libido but your doc will not buy into that theory. ... (10 replies)
... Yes, both are true. Normally, once you start HRT, it's for life. Very seldom do the causes for hypogonadism reverse themselves naturally. ... (14 replies)
Testicle shrinking
Mar 30, 2017
... but if there is a noticeable change in your testicles you should see a doctor asap! Drugs for ED would never cause such changes. Any man who notices a new lump in his scrotum or any change in his testicles should have them checked out straight away! ... (1 replies)
Shrinking testicle
Mar 13, 2006
... We would just be guessing at this point what is causing his testicle to shrink. Typically testicles will shrink after a long period where they are not stiumlated with LH and FSH from the pituitary and they begin to atrophy. ... (3 replies)
... feeling better initially but then going into a decline and eventually suffering prostatitis and shrinking testicles. That caused me to do a lot more research and to see a university professor specialising in andrology. ... (10 replies)
... end up with a diagnosis of secondary hypogonadism with no known underlying cause. Second, the testicles shrinking, etc are not always the case. ... (8 replies)
... Low cortisol is treated with hydrocortisone pills, shrinking testicles by HGC shots, low DHEA with pills, injectable testosterone needs to continue. ... (5 replies)
... no known cause. In this case you must treat the disease symptoms rather than its cause. This means testosterone replacement or HCG or both. HCG will keep your testicles working so they do not atrophy. This means it will keep them from shrinking and most likely keep you fertile in case that is a concern. ... (18 replies)
Low T questions
Nov 6, 2007
... or doc may not want to give it. It will bind the receptors in the hypothalmus tricking it into thinking T is too low. This should cause it to send more GnRH to the pituitary which causes the pituitary to send more LH to the testicles, which cause the testicles to make more T. ... (28 replies)
... You should also be checking estradiol and total estrogen. If they are high they can cause your LH and T to be low also. ... (41 replies)
... You would have to be off the T injections for at least a month, probably more at the dose you have been getting to get accurate tests. ... (12 replies)
... HUANG also known as ephedrine using it along with pyruvate. I had used this product when I was sixteen and used it for a year before quitting it. ... (9 replies)
... but for some reason, doctors screw this up, which makes no sense because even the most idiotic doctor had to learn some things in med school. ... (26 replies)

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