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... to rule out hemochromatosis. Most doctors do not do this but the fact is 1 out of 200 people have hemochromatosis and it can cause secondary hypogonadism so it should bhe checked. It is deadly if not treated but you can live normally if you know you have it. ... (15 replies)
... Vitamin D affects brain function. There is at least one study that proves that Vitamin D deficiency results in impaired brain function. People who spent time in the sun had more serum LH than those who stayed indoors. ... (9 replies)
... I agree that your LH is WAY too low for your T levels,........if everything was correct, your pituitary should be dumping LH like crazy trying to get your testes to make T. ... (30 replies)

... You're smart to look into this before letting the doc put on the androgel bandaid. First let me say HCG is not something that is normally in any abundance in the male body. HCG is actually collected from the urine of pregnant women and is very high in the female body during pregnancy. ... (5 replies)
... Not really a lengthy post. You have numerous issues there that could relate to low T. Low T is probably why you are dragging all the time. The key is to find out why it is low before you just go slap on andorgel. ... (3 replies)
... yo male 6'3", 240lbs, could stand to lose 25lbs, but not obese and have seemingly not lost muscle mass even with low T...but no energy. ... (0 replies)
Low testosterone ?
Jul 23, 2006
... When you have low testosterone it is called hypogonadism. The hypothalmus and pituitary in the brain sense the testosterone level in the blood and if low should send out more LH to stimulate the testicles to make more T. ... (8 replies)
... You need to determine why your T level is so low. That is very low especially for your age. You need to test LH, FSH, TSH, estradiol, total estrogen and vitamin D along with total and free T to start with. ... (3 replies)
... I love our internist. He has taken care of my parents and now us. I think that being an internist, he has to know a little bit about everything and can't know it all. ... (26 replies)
... which can trigger aromatization of T into estrogen and I have nasal congestion due to deviated septum and polyp which can create same effect as sleep apnea and may be the cause of my low T. ... (7 replies)
... I will share my personal experience. What is normal for one is not also normal for the next. We really use the word 'normal' far too often. Ok, at 72 I have low T. I do my own doctor ordered injections of testosterone cypriate. I recently erred on a date to inject and did an injection too soon. ... (5 replies)
... The low LH is most liklely caused by the high estrogen as hercules described. The lump bothers me too. I would make sure that is a symptom and not a cause of your problems. They can always do what's called a fine needle asperation of it. They use a very fine needle to take a sample of it. ... (12 replies)
Low testosterone
Mar 20, 2009
... I do not know if ambien could cause this. Many men have this, more than anyone knows, and for most of them there is no known cause. So it is certainly possible something in the drugs we take could have something to do with it. ... (6 replies)
... or hormone therapy. Most of them specialize in diabetes or thyroid problems. You could call ahead and ask if the doctor specializes in hormone therapy. ... (13 replies)
... Sorry, I mean to say your level IS low instead of Not low. 5mg Androgel is not typically a high enough dose. You need to test your levels and adjust dose often especially until you get to a stable state. ... (4 replies)
... I should have also added that depression and irritability are symptoms of low testosterone, as is muscle loss of course. ... (15 replies)
Androgel questions
Mar 17, 2008
... There a lots of inacuracies in the replies so far. ... (14 replies)
... Welcome to Healthboards. This is a great site and I hope you find your time here beneficial. Many here have diverse experiences, thus, can offer lots of support and guidance. ... (14 replies)
... hypogonadism. To do this test total T, LH, FSH, SHBG all at the same time. For primary LH and FSH will be high even though T is low. The brain is telling the testicles to make more T but they can't. ... (7 replies)
Low T?
Dec 12, 2006
... You certainly sound like you are suffering from low T. The lack of nightime erections is a big indicator. You need to test total T, free T, estradiol at a minimum. 411 is not too bad for total T but it is on the low side. ... (10 replies)

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