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... ty for this!!!! i was going insane !!! i have no burning or anything just irritation which i think was started by this tupid scabies cream i used :(...then i threw loadsa creams at it and all the derms and docs said irritation so maybe thats soo happy i read this! thank u so much ill just wait it out and use water to wash with :) i tthink my skin is ultra sensitve... (39 replies)
... I have been a sufferer of the "Red Scrotum Syndrome", A.K.A. "Red Balls of Fire", A.K.A. "Red Sack Syndrome", etc. ... (39 replies)
... Guys, bad news as usual. Mine is flaring up again despite the fluconazole. I'm about to the point of dunking my nuts in battery acid and get skin grafts at the ER. ... (82 replies)

... often called "red scrotum syndrome" or "red bag syndrome". I have had this for over a year and it is significantly affecting my life. ... (137 replies)
... We all thought this, and worse. I thought I definitely had HIV until I tested negative. Read through the thread. This feeling of "It's never going to be the same again. ... (7 replies)
... My problem is very similar to some of the things i have read. My exception is that i have no rash, flaky skin or much of the said symptoms. ... (39 replies)
... Four months of unprotected sex with my ex. I also shave my nuts using a razor every now and then. ... (7 replies)
... itchyness on my scrotum. there was no visible redness or anything. It was a very mild tingling. mild enough that i thought it might just be my mind playing tricks on me. ... (84 replies)
... Hey everyone, let's organize our experiences a little, I think that might be helpful for the rest of us. If you are suffering from this, please answer the questions below and post. ... (137 replies)
... In October of 2006 I had what I thought was a severe case of jock itch. It started out as a very slight burning in the scrotum, along with a biting feeling. ... (137 replies)
My problem
Nov 4, 2010
... I've heard other posters say that when they pee/defecate their sacks get redder. I noticed it as well. For what it's worth, I think it happens to everyone, because when you you relax your muscles to pee, more blood gets through to the scrotum. I think guys up on this forum just notice it more because we are all constantly examining our sacks. My advice is not to worry... (105 replies)
... Hi all, I used to be a regular poster but ain't posted in nearly 2 years, but I've received a number of emails asking about my progress! ... (0 replies)
... pm local time at a sauna club near Bonn, Germany on August 27, 2008. A week later my scrotum began to turn pink and I developed severe balanitis that turned out to be caused by staph, as I've mentioned before. ... (82 replies)
... biotics...I have been on several with no relief...However, I have heard about a two cases of red scrotum, one cause by Rosecea, and the other by a Staph infection. Both of these infections are nasty and do not clear easily. ... (137 replies)
... My scrotum has been looking and feeling the best it has in months, and I haven't even noticed it for the last week. ... (82 replies)
My problem
Nov 1, 2010
... Hey FX, thanks for the post. I think the redness and burning in the perenium area and up my butt crack is more bothersome than my itchy sack because walking and physical activity irritate those spots. ... (105 replies)
... really was the antibiotic that is making it go away or if it was going away anyway on its own, although last week antifungals definitely did nothing, if anything scrotum was reddest that week. If it is the antibiotics then it must be bacterial i guess, also inflamed epididymis still large but not as big as it was last week. ... (114 replies)
Chronic Redness
Dec 5, 2010
... and he said my prostate was in excellent shape. Hard as a walnut, and nice and small. As a matter of fact, I insisted that he check my prostatic fluid for bacteria, and he couldn't even milk any out. He said that was another sign my prostate was in great shape. ... (116 replies)
... Occaisional redness of scrotum. ... (81 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 27, 2010
... At this rate I expect to be able to report an entirely 'normal' scrotum in about 48 hours. ... (116 replies)

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