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... Have a look at my stretching instructions, a sticky near the top of this Men's Health board. Read them carefully and get back with any questions. ... (3 replies)
... then a couple days after that 5 or so bumps on the base of the shaft of my penis appeared. Visible without the skin being stretched otherwise i wouldn't have noticed. They were fairly small and didn't burn or itch or anything. ... (84 replies)
... I am 27 and had never even seen my penis head before, and was not even aware that this was abnormal. ... (4 replies)

... Hello , so about a month ago, I noticed oneday that my penis felt irritated whilst i was at work. ... (0 replies)
... ithout an erection. It is essential to retract the foreskin in the shower and clean that whole area at least once a day. For example, balanitis is an infection of the penis head that can result from failing to carry out this simple hygiene procedure. ... (18 replies)
... If you cannot retract your foreskin when your penis is flaccid, it is probable that you have phimosis but only a doctor can give a definitive diagnosis. ... (1 replies)
... It is normal for the head of your penis to be extra sensative to touch. Keep in mind, it has been safely protected and covered all your life by the foreskin. ... (5 replies)
Dec 15, 2012
... The frenulum is the most sensitive part of the underside of the penis, and most men say it is the most sensitive part of the penis of all. Sometimes it is still very sensitive after frenectomy, but usually it is much less sensitive. ... (1 replies)
Foreskin help
Jul 21, 2005
... Hi, I'm the guy who wrote the instructions that Mod S4 kindly helped edit and made a sticky near the top of the Men's Health Board. ... (9 replies)
... About 2 weeks ago, after masturbating I took a shower and noticed a bump in my groin to the left of the base of my penis. The bump was about half the size of a golfball. There was no pain. Curiously, I pushed on it and it easily went away and hasn't come back. Everything seemed ok. ... (0 replies)
... Maybe you should see a urologist for peace of mind. It may be nothing. At least you will know for sure. My BXO does not itch or flake. ... (7 replies)
... If you can retract your foreskin when your penis is flaccid, you do not have phimosis. Eventually you will be able to retract when your penis is erect, even if you can't do that at the moment. ... (6 replies)
My problem
Sep 28, 2010
... HELPGOES2WAYS, please let us know the name of the antibiotic you where prescribed!! I have exactly the same simptoms as you... ... (105 replies)
My problem
Sep 22, 2010
... First time posting...I experienced painful symptoms of this condition starting in July 2010. Red, super sensitive scrotum and perineum. Penis was retracted, loss of libdo. Sitting for long periods of time would cause burning on my perineum, scrotum, and butt cheeks. Standing up would give immediate relief. ... (105 replies)
Sep 3, 2013
... w really as long as I can remember from my teen years until now. It's been off and on. Sometimes during the week normal flow to at times weak. I contributed some of it to my water intake. Growing up I didn't drink much water. Like so many guys back in the day, I consumed lots of soda. ... (3 replies)
Penile Fluids??
Mar 22, 2006
... If you push on the prostate it will release fluids into the urethra that normally go into the mix of ejaculate. Your prostate is right next to the rectum and having a bowl movement can press on the prostate and cause a similar release of fluids, it's normal. ... (4 replies)
... Its a clear fluid and its sticky, sometimes shuts my penis hole, nothing serious just comes up when you use your hands... so I Know its somewhat sticky. ... (9 replies)
... Try this link. It addresses part of the symptoms. ... (4 replies)
Nov 25, 2012
... and yeast infection can actually cause the foreskin to grow tighter. This can be overcome with regular gentle stretching. ... (6 replies)
... To make your glans less sensitive, you need to touch it as much as possible. Retract your foreskin as soon as you step into the shower and let a forceful jet of water spray on the glans, if you can, for as long as possible. Soap up your exposed glans and touch it. ... (2 replies)

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