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Chronic problem
Aug 20, 2009
... Most of these are indicated by the doctors because they have no clue what it is, what causes it or how to successfully treat it. Once in a while I saw a thread that said that the dermatologist knew it was RSS, but that there was no cure. ... (100 replies)
Burning Scrotum
May 2, 2011
... is characterized by a red burning scrotum that does not respond to antifungals. Many posters on this forum have had the condition for months or years. ... (44 replies)
... I'm not sure the scrotum problem is just a staph infection, but it could be I guess. ... (82 replies)

... often called "red scrotum syndrome" or "red bag syndrome". I have had this for over a year and it is significantly affecting my life. ... (137 replies)
... ention due to the fire under my foreskin. I can only assume the same plague that caused the balanitis was also growing on my scrotum, since it has turned bright burning red and continued to resist my efforts to heal it for weeks. ... (84 replies)
... Chronic extremely sensitive swollen, red, shiny, sweaty skin on both sides of scrotum in a nearly symmetrical pattern with clearly defined perfectly straight borders along the center axis. ... (82 replies)
... The infection prefers warm moist conditions, with skin folds providing the right type of environment. The scrotum is the most susceptible area on the body, but the genital region in general is ideal and the infection will attempt to spread throughout the perineal area. ... (82 replies)
My problem
Sep 28, 2010
... HELPGOES2WAYS, please let us know the name of the antibiotic you where prescribed!! I have exactly the same simptoms as you... Thanks!! (105 replies)
My problem
Sep 22, 2010
... First time posting...I experienced painful symptoms of this condition starting in July 2010. Red, super sensitive scrotum and perineum. Penis was retracted, loss of libdo. Sitting for long periods of time would cause burning on my perineum, scrotum, and butt cheeks. ... (105 replies)
Chronic Redness
Nov 27, 2010
... hours every day for three years. It might make sense in my case that my tailbone pain is caused from nerve damage, which is also somehow affecting my scrotum and perenium. ... (116 replies)
... My scrotum has been looking and feeling the best it has in months, and I haven't even noticed it for the last week. ... (82 replies)
... I have had red scrotum for 4 years and know cause is unknown. If steroid cream works is only temporary. ... (137 replies)
Chronic Redness
Dec 16, 2010
... vinced it's internal, which is funny cause 2months ago I was sold it was I think when I sit straight up on applying pressure on something that causes domino effect of scrotum burning. ... (116 replies)
... I thought about this too. I don't know for sure if I have EBV - but there is an HSV antibody (not HSV1 or HSV2) I have in my body that keeps showing up in the HSV IGM test and also a test called 'HSV Common Antibody' performed by a few labs. My HerpesSelect IGG for HSV1 and HSV2 have been negative even after one year and many doctors have said I do not have HSV1 or HSV2. Also... (82 replies)
... Thanks very, very much for the info....the stuff I have eats deep down into the skin over time and causes lesions. I have had lesions show up in the perineum area out of nowhere. I assume you have not had lesions or sores? ... (84 replies)
... dition came first which has then resulted in the associated psychological problems associated in dealing with a condition which seems resistant to medication and causes extreme discomfort to the extent that it dominates your thinking. Of course external life stress can make it worse, but that does not mean it is the cause. ... (82 replies)
... o, I had an MRI scan on my brain and nerve conduction studies carried out as I was worried I had MS. All tests came back normal which was a relief, but the itchy scrotum still persists. ... (137 replies)
... I just feel like my whole scrotum has become completely sensitised, and like I can almost feel the blood flowing through the veins which causes the tingling sensation which becomes sharper and more painful on a periodic basis. ... (81 replies)
My problem
Nov 6, 2010
... There is a simple test a doctor can do to check your prostate. He sticks his finger up your rectum, and presses down on the prostate. This will make prostatic fluid come out of the tip of your penis. He will take a culture of the prostatic fluid and look for bacteria. Simple, and effective. Prostatic fluid can not irritate the scrotum. Whoever told you that is wrong. ... (105 replies)
... The itch inbetween my buttocks has almost completely gone. But the burning in my scrotum has returned. ... (84 replies)

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