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... day of Androgel for 1 month, after which I'll get tested again. ... (4 replies)
... and shaping my behavior that way since the stuff that's cheaper and just as good they won't cover. ... (3 replies)
... I'm a 32 yr old with very low testosterone. I'm embarrassed to even admit it. I wouldn't have known this until my doctor took blood and told me. In fact, I didn't even know the effects of low testosterone. He explained to me low energy, little or no sex drive, etc. I run 3-4 days a week, also lift weights 304days. I consider myself in good shape (6' 200lbs). He wanted me to... (3 replies)

... on't have to mess with the gel and wait until the test levels comes back up... testosterone cypionate is the way to go, long ester painless and affordable... way cheaper than the pills and the gel. just my opinion. ... (13 replies)
... In general injections are better. You can control better where your T level is...its quick....its easier as in no daily remembering to rub in the gel/cream, there is less DHT conversion, its much much cheaper. But once every month? Thats nuts. You need it once or twice a week and need to be able to give it to yourself. Find out the dose he's givng you. Too large a dose... (11 replies)
... With the cream being the very basic of raw ingredients it has to be cheaper to compound but there is a cost for the compounding service and the syringes but I bet its still waaay cheaper. ... (21 replies)
... I dont know your age, but if your total T is still as low as you say, thats way too low. If the androgel is not working its probably that the dose is too low. When I was on it I had to take 10g a day and that got me up to the 500's in total T. ... (15 replies)
... I started using Androgel after I broke my left hip twice. ... (8 replies)
... I have also not used compounded gel but I have heard of it and it is supposed to be much cheaper than androgel. There is also compounded cream which may be even cheaper. ... (92 replies)
... I take T cypionate injections once weekly and HCG 4 times a week. 20 mg of androgel a day is a huge dose. It is quite expensive, I hope you dad's insurance pays for it. ... (86 replies)
... It's a 24 hour urine test, not blood. i.e. you urinate in a jug for a day, then send in a portion to a lab. Dr. Crisler says it's much better then blood tests. I'll be doing it again one month after starting TRT. That's how he monitors hormone levels. I'll also be taking a blood test in a month for something (not sure yet though), along with the urine test. Regarding the... (92 replies)
... Just looked at the box of Androgel again, four (ounce) pumps = 5g. I think that is what it is saying since 10g is eight (ounce) pumps. It costs me $58 for two bottles/pump device a month. If I needed to go up to 10g, that would be $116 a month. The idea of gel(s) to keep you consistently high at around 850+ng seems like a great idea, but the greasy feeling of... (41 replies)
... This is exactly how I hope to be doing my trt soo. I have the test and the doc is checking on hcg and arimidex is not to hard to find. (2 replies)
... The androgel shutdown your natural production of testosterone of 427. Your testicles have probably shrunk now. ... (2 replies)
Male hrt
Sep 10, 2005
... the price of AndroGel or testim. ... (3 replies)
... ested again to see if how much the patches raised his T. Gels and injections work better. With a prescription you can go to compounding pharmacies which are much cheaper than buying Androgel. ... (2 replies)
... Is there a cheaper form of T replacement that would work well for only a month's time? ... (6 replies)
... I tested at 307 two months ago (241-857 normal range) so my doctor put me on 5g androgel. I felt a little better on it, but not too much. Then my insurance changed and I was going to have to pay for it out of pocket, which for andro is prohibitive. So we switched to t-cream, and increased the daily t amount by 50% (which is 1.5ml of the cream). About 10 days later we did... (2 replies)
... Bilbo, I bet the compounded cream is much cheaper than androgel or androderm too. Is this true? ... (21 replies)
... day to start. That means this gel will last me 2 months. I wonder why it's so much cheaper then AndroGel. Brand Name? ... (92 replies)

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