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... Your LH and FSH are low now because you are on T replacement. ... (2 replies)
... year old man that would be mid range. I will post a list of possible issues living for long periods on low T can cause. But first I want to address the low LH and FSH question. ... (18 replies)
... Hi everybody. First post here.... I'll try to be thorough, but not too thorough. I'm a 25 y/o student, been seeing doctors at my school since last January when I was getting black fuzz around my vision when standing up suddenly. I had low (38. ref 40-55) hematocrit. I figured that explained why I felt tired all the time. I took iron tabs, felt no better, hematocrit barely... (16 replies)

... T. T was in the 70's prolactin normal but LH FSH suppressed. ... (15 replies)
... I would check out the other known causes. ... (18 replies)
... I would definitely suggest you check it out. Its not likely you have this but if you do you must treat it. ... (18 replies)
... It depends entirely on the cause. Perhaps you already know more than you've indicated but those readings simply indicate there is a fault in your hormone balance. That could be due to injury, drugs, systemic illness, shock or an unknown origin. That's why it's important for you to have a thorough check-up. If the doctors can find the cause of the imbalance, they might be able... (5 replies)
... has done to my pituitary gland. I realize that the cyst could have done permanent damage to the cells that produce LH and FSH. ... (8 replies)
... FSH levels are only useful in reference to what T and sperm count are. For example if LH really high and T is low then your testicles are not working. If LH is in normal range or low and T is low then maybe you have secondary hypogonadism. ALso, realize the LH is sent in pulses so one test is not a good measure. ... (5 replies)
... Are you talking about a pituitary MRI? I'd agree to that, but my LH/FSH is neither high nor low. My testes should be producing more than they are at this level of LH/FSH. If they were low, I'd be a lot less confused. Other than getting <3 hours of sleep last night, I feel worlds better on the prednisone. The dose is way higher than anything I'd get as a maintenance dose,... (16 replies)
... My theory is that the dosage isn't high enough but wanted to check in here and pose my thoughts. ... (0 replies)
... thnx hayfarmer for your reply well is there any way so that hypothalamus will produce more GnRH harmone which in turn command pitutory to produce more LH and FSH, what is the test to check the proper functionality of hypothalamus well from my childhood i was having this chest with gal's like breast, it was not that much till i was 16-18 yrs, then it i think increased a... (22 replies)
... LH and FSH check along with a total T check on the same blood draw would tell you if you are secondary or primary. Primary means LH is high but testicles cant make enough T, secondary means LH is low despite the fact T is low. Most likely at your age its secondary. ... (37 replies)
Low testosterone ?
Jul 23, 2006
... with his T level where it is his LH should be high. To me when a doctor says fine it probably means its in the nromal lab range. ... (8 replies)
... to try to raise T but maintain fertility...not sure what my FSH and LH were at the time, but seems like they were in normal range via blood tests where via saliva they had been high in 2009. ... (0 replies)
... orrect me if I am wrong, but Estrogen binds receptors on the hypothalamus which signals the pituitary through negative feedback to produce less of the hormones, LH and FSH. The FSH signals the testicles to produce sperm. LH signals the testes to produce testosterone. ... (12 replies)
... So, the first test just checked my total and free T levels which were 414 and 17.2. This test did not check my LH or FSH numbers. ... (37 replies)
Coming Off Hrt
Dec 14, 2007
... I did have a recent lab done, and all the hormones seem to be ion check. My LH is at 0 basically...and so is FSH. The weird thing is that they were just slightly higher before I got on HRT.... ... (10 replies)
... Good question on what high FSH indicates. You may be right. My assumption was LH was high too but it's not. Usually FSH and LH go up and down together but when only FSH is high it could be due to the lack of a hormone called inhibin which the testes make when they make sperm. ... (5 replies)
... This is very unusual. I would test again and also check LH and prolactin. The high FSH could indicate primary hypogonadism meaning your LH and FSH have to be high to achieve the T level your hypothalmus is looking for. ... (5 replies)

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