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Color of sperm
Sep 26, 2006
... If I remember, old sperm might tend to yellow. I'm not sure about that though. Sometimes infections or the presence of blood may give sperm a yellowish or brown discoloration. Have you had any infections or pain in urinating lately? ... (2 replies)
... try, and see if she conceives. other than that, go to a urologist, and have your semen studied, to see if your sperm count is high enough to impregnate, and the sperms are motile (tails moving hard enough to propel them to the egg). (2 replies)
... Vericoseal effects fertility. My husband is having surgery to correct his on March 13th. Check your sperm count, it causes it to be low. ... (2 replies)

... making hasty decisions on TRT as it is a lifetime decision, as you are already aware. As you said you had normal levels before, and you obviously created enough sperm to have your first child. So with a little help from your doctor, I am sure you can find a reasonable method of increasing sperm count. ... (12 replies)
Jan 30, 2007
... This should be available in the UK. It is commonly used to treat men who have not fully developed for various reasons. If your testicles are this small you should get a full hormonal workup to see if you have some genetic disease or other issue going on. ... (5 replies)
... Leo, I am taking androgel myself. not at a baby stage but i have posed this question to my endo who was of the opinion that if you put exogenous testosterone, your LH and FSH level goes down as they sense enough T in your body and shuts down their own production which also affects your sperm production and fertility. ... (4 replies)
... FSH levels are only useful in reference to what T and sperm count are. For example if LH really high and T is low then your testicles are not working. If LH is in normal range or low and T is low then maybe you have secondary hypogonadism. ... (5 replies)
... You can buy male fetility kits at your local drug store or online... it is not as accurate as your Dr but it will give you an idea....why do you ask? ... (2 replies)
... I haven't a clue what is causing it. But it sounds like traces of blood in sperm and in your urin. If I were you I'd see a doctor right away. Years ago something similar happened to me. ... (3 replies)
... Have you had an opportunity to visit your medical practitioner to check out the microbiology possibility? ... (8 replies)
... Thats quite a story. I was always under the impression if you had empty sella that your pituitary would eventually cease to function but I did some reading and see I'm wrong on that. ... (9 replies)
Att: Darkfur
Sep 6, 2003
... st of all i enjoy your posts as i can see so much of myself when you describe certian things. ... (20 replies)
... I would check into the E1 and E2. It sounds like your worst symptom is fatigue. I'm impressed you have good morning erections with fairly low T levels. Maybe your T is naturally lower than the average.....everyone is different. ... (5 replies)
... fluid culture should be done, a normal ultrasound normally doesn't show a clear picture of the prostate so a transrectal one should be considered, a test to see check your flow should be also done and right after that an ultrasound to your bladder to see if there is any amount of urine left after urination. ... (2 replies)
... In some guys it is a temporary hormone unbalance in puberty. Ask your doctor to check your male & estradiol E2 hormones. A pill called Arimidex can stop the conversion of testosterone into estradiol E2, it is by prescription only. A over the counter pill called DIM taken with 50mg Zinc can reduce the E2 in some guys. If the testosterone is low, ask about... (2 replies)
... did he by chance check your estrogen/estradiol levels? those being high can cause ED (5 replies)
Low sperm
Dec 13, 2005
... i'm not sure what kind of specialist you would need, if you even do. go to your family doctor. i don't how serious it is or could be. i've had pain when i urinate every once in a while since i was little. my doctor told me that i was fine. ... (13 replies)
... Many of your symptoms can be related to low testosterone. I'm glad to see you had your thyroid checked and it looks normal to me too. Another possible causes could be low in vitamin D and I would suggest having it checked. There are diff. ... (2 replies)
Annual exam
Dec 28, 2004
... It is not uncommon for patients to feel uncomfortable during this portion of the exam. It can be embarrassing to have your genitals examined in a way that you probably wouldn't do yourself, and it may be uncomfortable to be in a position when you are undressed. ... (11 replies)
... t is low normal is not necessarily enough but LH being low or normal while FSH is also at low end of normal indicates likely secondary hypogonadsism. That said, your total T level is not that low. It is low but most doctors probably would not even treat it except that you are having symptoms. ... (37 replies)

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