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... our foreskin should normally seperate from the head of the penis and begin to move freely about over the head. ... (13 replies)
... My 10 year old uncircumcized son's foreskin is red , irritated, and swollen. As he has not entered puberty yet, he had never retracted the skin... ... (13 replies)
... r did the same to me at age 7. I hadn't retracted nor did I know I had to. A female doctor did not know what to do and called in a male doctor. He pulled the foreskin back and while it only hurt a little... I have also had problems with balantisis ever since. ... (13 replies)

... Thank you so much for your response! This is hard for me, as A North American woman, I have no experience in this area… Honestly, I had never seen an uncircumcised penis until I changed my son’s first diaper! My husband was circumcised at birth, and therefore, also has no experience in this area! Ignoring the insistence of the meddlesome nurses and doctors, I chose... (13 replies)
... The doctor may have actually ripped the foreskin from the head. ... (13 replies)
... I know that some will disagree, but circ has worked for me--all my life. I have no problems with balantisis, phimosis, stretching, smegma etc. Do not be scared off by the anti-circ crowd. (13 replies)
... It was the stuff in there about smegma removal that I though might be helpful. (13 replies)
... Thanks, but I do not need info on stretching. My post was regarding Balantisis. (13 replies)
... Dear GM78, you might find some of the information in my stretching instructions post useful too. To copy and paste it highlight the address and press "Ctrl" and "c". Then delete the address in the web browser's Address window and with the cursor still in that window press "Ctrl" and "v". Then press the "Enter" key.... (13 replies)
... This kid would not have had a problem if the doctor hadn't ripped his skin back and damaged it. Some circumcised guys have problems too, like skin bridges and scarring, that can't be fixed with simple stretching like phimosis. This case is fairly mild . There was another guy not so long ago who had it really bad. These... (13 replies)
... Why is it that the only kids who have problems with their penises are those who are uncircumcised? (13 replies)
... What I see on this board is people looking for information which is not readily available. One or two people a day with phimosis out of a population of 240 million in the US, and 9 billion worldwide, is not many problems with uncircumcised males. Circumcision isn't nearly as "medically necessary" as American doctors would have you believe. The rate in Finland, a country... (13 replies)
... Although some uncircumcised males don't reatract until after puberty, it is vey rare. A majority are retractable by age 4. I think the doctor is doing the right thing by encouraging your son to start retracting, stretching and cleaning. You only have to read for a while on this board and see there are many problems with phimosis and balanitis in uncircumcised males. If... (13 replies)
... Where do you live...what state or province? I'm wondering where the rate is still near 90%? Like Lance said, we're here, and ready to help. I had 3 doctors tell me my son needed a circumcision at age 3, because he couldn't retract. I couldn't believe then that they were all wrong, but they were. It is not uncommon for a 3 year old not to be able to retract, and it is... (13 replies)

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